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let's face the music and dance.................

Thank you Benni xx

A little gift from Benni....Happy 4th of July ;-))

Thank you Benni x

Amsterdam, 1613-1677

Landscape with a mill in moonlight
Second half of the 17th Century

The train leaving the station...................

This is a ballpoint drawing that took the artist about 30 hours to complete. Thank you Benni xx

Painting of Windmill Lytham St. Annes by Phil Lyons...near to where I live ;-))
A lovely find by retrit, and well worth a visit to this site.....just click on the link (not the picture)

The Idea of Faberge egg was that it held a precious thing inside it , that was hidden or secured in the egg. It had to be very surprising, and extremely valuable, respectively: beautiful....

Many thanks retrit, I love this xx

Tree House....or Tree Mansion..?

Mighty oaks from little acorns grow

Beth Ann Magnuson, an artist from Bishop Hill, Illinois, turns delicate eggs into intricately carved masterpieces that she calls Victorian Lace Eggs. The video shows her process, which is really quite incredible. The eggs are carved with a high-speed engraver, but what’s just as incredible is that she draws the lace designs on the eggs by hand.

A lovely little doodle....;-))

We all have to have our dreams.......:-))

Paper Sculpture by Calvin Nicholls

Sculptures of Native American Scenes made out of paper
by Allen and Patty Eckman