Budoshu Star

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Yellow - the solar plexus chakra color is a primary color, composed from a single ray of light.

Yellow is the color of sunshine and it is the core of your being. It is at the solar plexus where the “I” shines from, where you feel the strength, will and personal power.

The energy of yellow is vibrant, optimistic, and full of energy. It is the color of youth, new beginnings, birth and re-birth. At the same time, yellow is wise and knowledgeable.

Yellow connects you with knowledge and your intellect. People who are drawn to yellow are drawn to intellectual pursuits.

As you unfold the petals of solar plexus chakra, you find a fire that burns within you, that gives you power and energy to stand for yourself and to assert yourself. You find trust and inner worth. That is the healing brilliance of yellow.


Gifts: Deep self-knowledge, Deep personal power stemming from intrinsic value, Freedom of choice, Open to the greater life, the Spirit, Fearlessness, and Sensing everything is a lesson for personal and spiritual growth

Challenges: Stuck in ego, Unable to see/feel connection with the greater life, Fear of death, Feelings of worthlessness, Unable to accept spiritual lessons

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Rare Opalized Wood Metallic Greens


"Aligns all chakras automatically and immediately; bestows foresight, tranquility, tolerance, psychic ability, meditation and communication, channeling, spiritual awakening, help with speaking your truth. Encourages vivid dreams, clear visualization, loyalty, honesty and serenity.
One of only two stones which never needs cleansing or clearing. Citrine is the other. A bridge between mind and matter, Kyanite is a powerful stone of manifestation toward reaching your hopes, dreams and desires.

Kyanite is a calming stone. It helps to quiet the mind, dissolving emotional, mental, or spiritual confusion, and letting go of anxiety.

Particularly good at dissolving anger and frustration, I recommend it for anyone in a learning situation.

If you are having difficulty with meditation, there is no better stone to wear.

If you have difficulty in sitting still, your mind drifting to you current worries, or being distracted while meditating,

Kyanite is one of the best stones to use. Its ability to calm and quiet the chattering, busy mind and enhance meditation is unequaled."

Green Kyanite assists in aligning all Chakras with no conscious direction. If directed, it can also open blocked Chakras as well. It may also be used for disorders of the muscular or urogenital system, adrenal glands, and throat.

Corresponding Chakra...
5th Chakra - color of aqua. Opens and clears the throat Chakra, connects the emotional body to the etheric body. Enables you to process feelings and release sorrow, alienation, anger and grief. Encourages compassion for the suffering and oneness of all life. Increases the ability to reach out to others and to love again after loss."