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Prize-winning illustration by the Korean illustrator Jae-Hong Kim, whose other work is well worth checking out

Original illustration by E.H. Shepard for the chapter in Winnie-the-Pooh "In which Piglet is entirely surrounded by water"
...a feeling known to all too many people in the UK this year!

Two samples from the post Rainy Day Kids, from Shelley Davies & Julie Fortenberry's wonderful blog Children's Illustration, a treasure trove for those who love the magical ways in which children see the world.

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One of many funny and interesting things to be found on the pages of MintehFreshness - thanks, Samantha!

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The Hoose at Pooh's Neuk
(Original post: November 18th, 2010)

It wasn't long ago that my younger daughter asked me what I would like as a Christmas present.

Thanks to a trail of friends, this hilarious translation of a well-loved children's classic (click the image for a sample) by James Robertson is the perfect answer!

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I love this cartoon by Joel Esler... apart from being funny in its own right, it describes perfectly how I feel about Walt Disney Studios for messing with Pooh.

The real Pooh (the creation of A.A. Milne and his wonderful illustrator E.H. Shephard) lives in millions of old, well loved and somewhat battered-looking books, and in the memories and personalities of millions of people.