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“Lost in Thought”

“Little Indians”

Wonderful photography by Ellen-OW (Eleonore Swierczyna), whose full portfolio is well worth checking out

I found this (as so many other good things, click her tag!) on the fine pages of Toetie.

NGC 6302 is reckoned to be one of the 10 most beautiful nebulae in the Universe, a collection that I found on the very fine pages of Toetie, and one which certainly lives up to its name.

From Wikipedia (click for the full article):

From what I read in the article, NGC 6302 is tiny by the standards of the mega-structures out there, but it would still take about 3 years to traverse from one “wing tip” to the other at the unimaginable speed of light.

When I searched around to see what a more realistic speed would be in the near future, it seems that the fastest actual spacecraft currently projected (the Solar Probe Plus, to be launched in 2018) would take about 4,500 years to cover the same distance at its blistering maximum speed of 200 kilometres per second. To reach NGC 6302 from Earth would take the same spacecraft (if it could keep its maximum speed around our Sun all the way) about 4,500,000 years... passing our Moon after only half an hour... and the awesome Hubble Telescope can see structures that are much, much further away. The mind boggles!

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"Eagle's flight", a White-Tailed Eagle in the Czech-Moravian Highlands, © by the Czech photographer Zdenek Ondrasek

One of many treasures to be found on the fine pages of Toetie.

"Two lives, one leaf" - author unknown

Found on the very fine pages of Toetie.

"Aux beaux jours, 1889" by Jules-Alexis Muenier (1863-1942)

One of many beautiful works of art to be found (among other things) on the fine pages of Toetie.

From the page:

This young barn owl is one in a million after being born with a rare genetic condition that has made her feathers jet black.

Sable, who is two years old, suffers from melanism, a 100,000-to-one gene mutation that makes her the exact opposite to an albino.

Dark-hued owls are normally killed at birth by their confused mothers but Sable was born in captivity and so she survived, meaning she is one of only three in existence in Britain.


This is the current avatar of Toetie, a lady from the Netherlands (and another SU refugee) whose pages are filled with great art.