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“Fairfield Light”

I am lucky enough to live in a small flat in a converted Victorian mental hospital (quite appropriately, you might think!). It was known as the Fairfield Hospital, or the Three Counties Asylum, and has a very interesting history which you can read about here if interested.

No hospital would be built like this today. The huge building, more like a French château than a hospital, was built wih bricks made from a local clay quarry, now a recreational sailing lagoon. Today most of the parkland around it has been turned (sympathetically) into a nice housing estate, but the Letchworth Garden City Cricket Club ground is still here.

I have posted many other photos taken around this place, which you can find marked ** in my photoblog index.

These pictures were taken just after sunrise or just before sunset, when the light seems particularly magical.

The corner between South and East Wings on a beautiful cold, clear morning

The eastern side of the East Wing

Part of the East Wing, seen from near the cricket field (less than a quarter of the complete building is shown here)

Low light on a summer evening on the north side of the building - this was the end of the narrow-guage railway that brought in the bricks used to build this place, now removed

Dog walkers assemble - early morning on the cricket field, Christmas Eve 2018

If you like this...

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"Islamorada, FL" © by the Massachusetts based photographer Don Bullens
(worth seeing full size, and Don's other work is well worth checking out)

Happy New Year!

“Sunset on the Rolling Hills” in Alberta, Canada, by Dan Jurak, whose other work is well worth checking out

A very nice image of some of The 12 Apostles in the Port Campbell National Park, by the Australian nature photographer and book author Steve Parish - click the image for his interesting information about the place

Oxfordshire Skies, 9th September 2017 (as Hurricane Irma hit Florida)

While in communication with relatives in Florida, luckily all safe now, we were staying in a self-catering converted barn in the Cotswolds. We experienced unsettled cold weather, with sudden cloudbursts that turned streets into trainer-deep streams, and also some impressive skies like these (possibly the remnants of Hurricane Harvey).

Maybe the planet is trying to tell us something?

Florida Sunsets, February 2016

Jensen Beach, and the larger Stuart just to the south of it, are delightful places on Florida's Atlantic coast, about 2½ hours drive south from Orlando.

The weather this February was mostly cool air and hot sun, a nice combination, with higher than normal winds - and some spectacular sunsets!

[Florida visit continues in Part 2]

“Sunset Tree” © by Vanda Ralevska, whose other work is well worth checking out

“Under the Vaulted Sky” © by Vanda Ralevska, whose other work is well worth checking out

Untitled picture © Jean-Michel Priaux, a photographer who transforms landscapes into art with expert photomanipulation.
Click the image for many examples of his work (highly recommended).

Thanks once again to Chaotiqual for this one!

This great photo of one of the Dutch windmills at Kinderdijk (from Wikimedia Commons, click image for source) reminded me of Noel Harrison's version of Michel Legrand's song "Windmills of Your Mind" (“Les Moulins de Mon Coeur”) that appeared in the original 1968 version of The Thomas Crown Affair.

It wasn't a great movie, I have to say, but it had much to enjoy, notably the sexual chemistry between Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway (including their famously erotic chess game).

If you'd like a nostalgia trip to the 60's, you can watch the movie's glider sequence, which was accompanied by an abridged version of Noel Harrison's song, here (or click the image to the right).

Noel Harrison performs the complete version of his song here.

BTW: The girlfriend watching Thomas Crown gliding is played by the beautiful Dutch fashion model Astrid Heeren (a purely decorative role in this movie).

In searching for videos of Michel Legrand's original, I also came across this very nice video of the instrumental version.

In complete contrast...

Later on, the Muppets produced a gloriously funny interpretation of the same song, which anyone who has suffered from seriously jangled nerves (or is only “calm on the outside”) can relate to... you can watch that here (or click the image to the left).


If you like this...

[Night photo of the Dutch windmills at Kinderdijk]
[Great music and style from the 60's: Claude Lelouch's film Un Homme et une Femme, with music by Francis Lai]

Nice desktop wallpaper, probably taken in Bay of Islands, New Zealand... reminds me of the great time we had here on the Florida Keys.

This was 8th December outside my window... After the big storm a few days earlier which flooded homes on the east coast high pressure settled in, and we had some really nice sunsets. But today another storm is moving in from the south west (lowest pressure in 65 years in the depression, almost the lowest ever recorded). It's very windy outside!

"Sunset on the gums" by Natalia Kolyadyuk (a wildlife and nature photographer whose other work is well worth checking out)

If you like this...

["Girlfriends", beautiful picture of dog and horse, by Natalia Kolyadyuk]

"House in Winter" by Scott Prior, one of my favourite artists

Found on the always beautiful pages of expressioniste (Aline) (I always love her Christmas posts).

"Sunset in Central Park"

"Magic Evening"

Evgeny Lushpin is something of a "formula" artist, but I really like these - thanks, Carouselle!

"The Mowers" by Duru, whose other work is well worth checking out


Péruwelz ("Stone-water") is a very ancient municipality in the Walloon (French-speaking) Region of Belgium. It is built on the river Verne Noire (from Celtic Vernos, "a brook lined with alders") - more on the location here.

This nice image is another winner of one of's frequent photography theme contests, many of which are open to photographers of all abilities.

"Somewhere Far Away", one of many fine works © by the Croatian photographer Boris Frkovic
(who also has his own web site here)

"Fisher Man" by Navin Nowvapong, an excellent photographer from Thailand

"The Longshuba rice terraces at sunset at Yuanyang in Yunnan, China" by Dave Stamboulis, a photographer whose other work is well worth checking out

"The sun" by `greenfeed, who also does some excellent fantasy art and photomanipulation work

"Dusk and the boy" by LensENVY (Jacqueline)

There's a little trail behind this one. It started when my good friend Nancy sent me Bluebird, a great song by the Manchester-based singer/songwriter Chas Rigby.

I searched for more songs by Chas Rigby and one that I really liked was Nightwind.

When I was looking for a "Night Wind" image to accompany this song, I found the beautiful image above.

Thanks, Nancy!

"After the Rain", taken somewhere in Asia by the Kazakhstani photographer Nadya Kulagina

Nadya is better known for her portraits, e.g. one of my favourites which I posted here

"Last Light", one of many beautiful works by Wilson Tsoi, whose other work is well worth checking out

"Adoration", a view from the Valley of the Rocks, Exmoor, Devon, by Bob Garrigus

One of many great photos (and photographers) to be found on the excellent travel photography competition site designed by my friend photoburst (Pedro).
Matamanoa sunsets
(Original post: January 9th, 2009)

My daughter Sam, who has recently married a Kiwi, returned from their honeymoon in New Zealand and Fiji with about 600 photos, including these wonderful sunset pictures taken from the tiny Fijian island of Matamanoa:

I had no idea where Fiji was, let alone Matamanoa... hence this map, for my own benefit (it turns out that if you sail off into this sunset, and keep going for a very long time, you would eventually make landfall in Australia)!

(Sam tells me that it was something of a thermal shock to return to England.)

"Into the night", by Alexander Volkov

(rediscovered for me by expressioniste - thanks again, Aline!)

"Eighth day" by Dmitry Povshedny

"Red lampshade" (my guess at a translation) by SAV

If you liked those, you might also like these photographers:

[Jek Eidelzon]
(Originally posted: June 14th 2008)

This is the southern-most end of a (very) long and (slightly) winding road - the other end of U.S. Route 1 is more than 2,000 miles away at Fort Kent, Maine at the Canadian border!

This end of the road is in Key West. I was here with my extended family (12 of us) as part of a wonderful vacation in the Florida Keys. Several photos follow!

I love these banyan trees. Hemingway lived near here. Also near here is Kelly's Caribbean Bar Grill and Brewery, which I can highly recommend. We had an absolutely wonderful meal there, with great service and good wine, for $60 a head.

A relatively quiet evening (I'm told) in Mallory Square, where people gather nightly at the southern-most point of the mainland USA to watch the sunset.

This band was performing great Island versions of Neil Diamond hits.

I swiped this one from my brother-in-law!

There are sometimes better things to do than watch the ships go by...

I really like my wife's little Sony Cybershot! It's light, inexpensive and it lets me take hand-held pictures like these after dark, without a flash. It's the only camera that we used on this holiday.

[This trip continues in the post below. Also see where this place is on my Florida Map.]