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Fine photography © by the Ukrainian photographer Alexey Argentum, whose other work
is well worth checking out

I was introduced to this photographer on the very fine pages of Reflections, who has one of my favourite blogs on the Internet and is also a fine photographer. Thanks!

“Fairfield Light”

I am lucky enough to live in a small flat in a converted Victorian mental hospital (quite appropriately, you might think!). It was known as the Fairfield Hospital, or the Three Counties Asylum, and has a very interesting history which you can read about here if interested.

No hospital would be built like this today. The huge building, more like a French château than a hospital, was built wih bricks made from a local clay quarry, now a recreational sailing lagoon. Today most of the parkland around it has been turned (sympathetically) into a nice housing estate, but the Letchworth Garden City Cricket Club ground is still here.

I have posted many other photos taken around this place, which you can find marked ** in my photoblog index.

These pictures were taken just after sunrise or just before sunset, when the light seems particularly magical.

The corner between South and East Wings on a beautiful cold, clear morning

The eastern side of the East Wing

Part of the East Wing, seen from near the cricket field (less than a quarter of the complete building is shown here)

Low light on a summer evening on the north side of the building - this was the end of the narrow-guage railway that brought in the bricks used to build this place, now removed

Dog walkers assemble - early morning on the cricket field, Christmas Eve 2018

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“Good Morning, Sunshine”

Early morning on 16th December in southern England, temperature around freezing, the sun just catching the trees. A very welcome change of weather after a period of dismal grey clag!

My photo makes rather nice desktop wallpaper (at least, I like it). Click the image if you would like a higher-res version.

“Good Morning Damian Shan”
“The overall winner, and open award winner, in the nature/landscape category, is a shot of the Li River in Guangxi province, China. All photographs courtesy the Epson International Panoramic Photography awards.
Photograph: Jesús M. García

(Go here for large wallpaper version)

“Last 2016 sunrise”

“Moonrise over Mt Baker

Some great photography by Rakan Alduaij (worth seeing full size, as is his other work)

1 Hour Long Sunrise at Langstiņi Lake, Garkalnes novads, Latvia (map link)

If you're feeling stressed, or even if you're not, why not stop for a while and watch this nice example of Slow TV (full screen on the TV in your living room, if you can)?

“The Innermost House Foundation is a non-profit organization devoted to exploring the transcendental dimension of American life expressed by Thomas Jefferson in his writings, preached by Ralph Waldo Emerson, practiced by Henry David Thoreau at Walden Pond and lived by Diana Lorence at Innermost House.”

What started out for me as the discovery of a pretty picture led me to an unexpected wealth of information (and a whole lot of other beautiful images, e.g. these) that I had never come across before. If you follow the links (as I know most people won't have time to do) you can spend hours here...

Yet another great share by overthetrail - thanks, Sandy!

It's always nice to wake up to Jim's North Carolina pics on Facebook, especially when the weather is not so good over here!

— from this excellent article.

It's worth reading the whole thing (Seb Emina and Daniel Jones are really interesting people, too). Click the excerpt above to read more.

I dropped in on this Internet radio station throughout a waking day recently, and took some screenshots which appear below. The sunrise pictures change as the world turns. Sometimes the pictures are local to the current radio station (one of more than 250 being played in sequence), sometimes they are from somewhere else in the country, or aerial photos where no other picture is available. I'm sure these will change over time, and you can probably send in your own photos!

Click any screenshot to listen to this rather wonderful invention. It's a very human window on our world - even in troubled areas of the Middle East, you realise that when you get down to it, folks everywhere are just folks.

There is also plenty more interesting stuff written about Global Breakfast Radio.

BTW: I discovered this (as I do so much other good stuff about news, gadgets and apps for computers and smartphones) on the BBC's excellent Click Programme.

"Jurassic View - The Quiraing, Skye, Scotland" © by Ian Cameron

Thanks, johnshaven (Alison)!

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The author, Troy Lim, writes:

"This was taken in December 2010 during my first trip to Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge in New Mexico. It took me four days, waiting in the cold weather an hour before sunrise. On the fourth day, everything fell together. The gorgeous sunrise, wind direction, and snow geese all took off right in front of my lens. "

The author, James Haskins, writes:

"This bear had been fishing in the river on this morning. It climbed onto the bank and laid down in the grass. This photo was taken about an hour after sunrise just as the sun was starting to clear the trees. The temperature was near the dew point and steam was rising off its body. It didn’t seem at all concerned by the fishermen in the river or the photographer on the bank."

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["Bear Feet" by Bill Lockhart - Grizzlies snoozing in the sun]

"Myrtle Beach Sunrise"

Wishing everyone a happy, prosperous and peaceful New Year...

"Daybreak - The Sea" by our very own Fourteenth

"Winter morning", one of many fine works © by the Croatian photographer Boris Frkovic
(who also has his own web site here)

February sunrise

Sunrise from outside our back door, 2nd February 2011... the start of the first nice day for a long time

"New Year's Frost" by Gary McParland, a photographer from Co Armagh in Northern Ireland, who writes:

"Taken at sunrise on New Years Day. A lovely frost and a very calm and misty Camlough Lake."

Gary's other work is well worth checking out.

"New Light", taken at Fira, Santorini by the Pembroke-based photographer Mark Robson, whose other work is well worth looking at

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An untitled picture (on this page, anyway) by the Russian photographer Mihail Kopychko

Thanks to Aline and Norseye for this one (I'm posting the non-Pixdaus version here)

A beautiful image of (I am almost sure) the Sonoran Desert, California, by Jack Dykinga, which features on the front cover of his book
"Large Format Nature Photography"

Click the image to visit a site with many great photographs

Early morning with frost - February 2010

Early morning with frost still on the trees - the view from our apartment window

(If you are interested, this is an HDR image from two photos, separated by a sky mask/selection, with saturation increased in some selected areas... I was quite proud of this one!)

[Snow in the same place, December 2009]

"Over the line", a wonderful picture taken before sunrise in one of the Oregon desert playas, by the hugely talented landscape photographer Marc Adamus

It's the start of a new day (yawwwwn...)

"First stirrings in the big city"

"Message has arrived"

"Early exercise"

"It's going to be a beautiful day"

Some beautiful photography by Roswitha Schleicher-Schwarz, chosen for its early-morning theme!

(Apologies to German speakers for my loose translations - corrections gratefully received.)