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“Summer’s End” by Marci Oleszkiewicz - thanks yet again, Jerry!

“Summer Pastoral” by the British Columbia-born Canadian artist Don Li-Leger, whose other work is well worth exploring

One of many treasures to be found on the fine pages of Jerzee55sst - thanks, Jerry!

Majorca, September 2012

Click the picture if you would like to see a post about our recent visit to the south-west coast of Majorca

Sirmione on Lake Garda, Italy, July 2011

Some posts about our recent visit to Sirmione on Lake Garda (with some side trips) appear below.

If you are interested, here are the direct links:

[Verona and an "agriturismo" vineyard]
[Isola di Garda]
[Catullus's villa, Sirmione, and Lausanne]

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Summer nights... June 26th 2010

The summer nights aren't as short here as they are in (say) Scotland or Scandinavia, but it's still very pleasant to walk around here at this time of year after 10 pm

(HDR photo from two images)

If you like this:

[Last winter in the snow...]

"The House on the Hill" by Barry Hilton - gratefully snaffled from Alison

A Walk in the New Forest - May, 2010

The New Forest (called that by William the Conqueror in 1079 when he cleared settlements to make it his new hunting forest - why change the name now?) is a great walking area. Many suggestions for walks in this area can be found here.

It's going to be a beautiful day... 15.1 hours of sun forecast, which duly arrived (we were lucky - the next weekend, the Bank Holiday weekend at the end of May, had its traditional dreadful weather)

The best walks start and finish at a pub... This one is The Oak Inn at Bank, near Lyndhurst

Some very nice properties around here...

Anyone for Poohsticks?

The circular walk (about 5km) followed this curving stream for much of its length

In the bright sun, this beautiful fungus was acting as a natural uplighter

And of course, we met the locals...

Back at The Oak Inn for the traditional end to a good walk!

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"Summer Dreams"

"Flowered Corner"

Beautiful colours from photographer/artist Eva Mariza

Mykonos, Greece - Summer 2006

Just a few hundred yards from here, ahead and slightly to the left, is where Jason Bourne meets Marie again at the end of the movie "The Bourne Identity".

I got so fed up with our miserable weather that I went back and dug out some of my old photographs of Mykonos, taken on a very windy day in the summer of 2006, and tried to improve them as a learning exercise with Photoshop.

They certainly bring back some sunny memories!

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Beach House in Fog

Summer Cabin Kitchen

Wonderful examples of the use of light in painting by Scott Prior, one of my favourite artists

[More from this artist if you click the tag with his name at the top of this post]

"Cape Cod Afternoon" (1936) by Edward Hopper

From the page:

Edward Hopper's work has made him one of the most respected American painters of the twentieth century. His stark depictions of isolated buildings, silent interiors, and empty streets show both a desire to record the details of ordinary life and a Modernist's appreciation for the power of abstract form. His work is distinguished by its structural clarity and subtle psychological edge.

This deceptively simple view of a shed, barn, and house in South Truro, Massachusetts, acts powerfully on the emotions. At first, the bright sunshine, brilliant colors, and pastoral setting evoke the celebratory New England landscapes painted by preceding generations of American Realists and Impressionists. The painting recalls hot, clear summer afternoons and the exhilarating expanses of sky and land found along the rugged New England coast. In this respect, Hopper's work resembles that of the American landscape painters Winslow Homer and Childe Hassam.

However, it is impossible to find in Cape Cod Afternoon the heroic optimism of nineteenth-century artists. The afternoon shadows are lengthening, the shed is crumbling, the house is shuttered, and the grass and trees are turning brown. While the wedge shaped diagonals of the composition seem to invite entry into the pictorial space, a jumble of walls and the blanked-out windows and doors block any such entry. All of these elements suggest decay and abandonment, even disappointed hope...

Thanks, ceanna!

The essence of a hot eastern Mediterranean summer, captured by Doug Dourgarian, who writes:

The technique you see on my art today is the result of years of experimenting and I call it Brush Stroke Photography because of the resemblance to hand painted media. All my camera work is digital and my "darkroom" is my computer. Often I'm asked if I use Adobe's Photoshop and I don't, but I do use about four other software products not nearly as well known but specially geared for my purposes. I hope you like my artwork as much as I enjoy creating it.

I found this picture (which is of Santorini) some time ago on the always-beautiful pages of expressioniste.

One of my favourite landscapes by Camille Pissarro

My kind of place... and this is a great art web site, too.

A memory of magical summer days, long ago...
"On the stile" by Winslow Homer

(from the National Gallery of Art's Winslow Homer collection, a great resource for this artist

(Original post: February 25th, 2009)

Paintings by Michael James Smith that make me look forward to summer in England...

"Wandering besides the River Wye, Wales"

"Upper Slaughter, Cotswolds"