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There's more thought-provoking stuff to read here, for example the statistics from the Federal Bureau of Prisons supporting previous findings that “the unaffiliated and the nonreligious engage in far fewer crimes.”

The question “Can we be good without God?” is one that has interested me for some time, and I am not surprised by the findings of this research. My own thoughts on the subject, FWIW, appear here on my web site.

My own answer to that question is yes, there are a number of ways, including the humanist point of view, the best-known proponent of which is probably the author Sir Terry Pratchett, who sadly died recently (see my previous post below).

From my web site:

It is a sad fact that some of the world's religions, as practised by people, have given rise (and are still giving rise) to much human misery, in spite of their otherwise good aspects. Again FWIW, my thoughts on that subject can be found here on my web site.

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If the evil things going on in the world get you down, then trust me, the antidote is BBC's series of 5 programmes called Operation Meet the Street (which can now be seen here on YouTube). The title gives no idea as to how truly wonderful and heart-warming (and effective) this initiative to combat isolation and loneliness is.

A particularly touching sequence (out of many) occurs in Episode 3, when a man who has literally lost everything except his guitar, and feels that he has nothing left to live for, is introduced to the most wonderful place for him that you can imagine.

James Martin (a TV chef who among other things has fought to improve hospital food in Britain) gets my vote for one of the nicest people on the planet. I hope he gets an OBE for this one. The lady next to him in the above picture from Episode 1 is Denise Lewis, the Olympic heptathlon champion and sports ambassador who already has an OBE, returning to her home area to help James bring people out and get them together. The way in which this happens will warm the cockles of your heart...

— from this excellent article.

It's worth reading the whole thing (Seb Emina and Daniel Jones are really interesting people, too). Click the excerpt above to read more.

I dropped in on this Internet radio station throughout a waking day recently, and took some screenshots which appear below. The sunrise pictures change as the world turns. Sometimes the pictures are local to the current radio station (one of more than 250 being played in sequence), sometimes they are from somewhere else in the country, or aerial photos where no other picture is available. I'm sure these will change over time, and you can probably send in your own photos!

Click any screenshot to listen to this rather wonderful invention. It's a very human window on our world - even in troubled areas of the Middle East, you realise that when you get down to it, folks everywhere are just folks.

There is also plenty more interesting stuff written about Global Breakfast Radio.

BTW: I discovered this (as I do so much other good stuff about news, gadgets and apps for computers and smartphones) on the BBC's excellent Click Programme.

“Men don’t talk face to face; they talk shoulder to shoulder”

This strikes me as a great (and surprisingly interesting) example of how many of society's problems are best tackled at the community level, or “bottom-up”, rather than waiting for governments or local authorities to fix them.

The idea of a Men's Shed began in Australia, as a way of improving the quality and length of life of males. In the Northern Hemisphere the idea spread first to Ireland, where the Irish Men's Shed Association was formed, and whose work was featured a while back on the BBC, and has now been adopted in many countries (as can be seen if you click the image above).

From the Irish association's web page:

“Most men have learned from our culture that they don’t talk about feelings and emotions. There has been little encouragement for men to take an interest in their own health and well-being. Unlike women, most men are reluctant to talk about their emotions and that means that they usually don’t ask for help. Probably because of this many men are less healthy than women, they drink more, take more risks and they suffer more from isolation, loneliness and depression.

“A Men’s Shed is any community-based, non-commercial organisation which is open to all men where the primary activity is the provision of a safe, friendly and inclusive environment where the men are able to gather and/or work on meaningful projects at their own pace, in their own time and in the company of other men and where the primary objective is to advance the health and well-being of the participating men. Men’s sheds may look like a shed in your back yard yet they innovatively share some characteristics of both community education and health promotion projects.”

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The Worldometers site keeps you updated, in real time, on a whole host of statistics about the health and resources of the Earth and the people living on it, as well as many things we are doing (like producing cars, bicycles and computers, or sending emails or tweets).

The statistics are grouped under headings World Population, Government & Economics, Society & Media, Environment, Water, Energy and Health.

For many statistics, you can choose to see today's total changing, or the total for the whole year so far.

Fascinating to watch!

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