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Norwegian “Slow TV” at its best...

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A few days into the voyage we leave Molde, the “Town of Roses” with a jazz festival, on the way to Kristiansund

Arriving in Kristiansund, which turns out to be a fascinating place. Many of its inhabitants are descendents of Scotsmen. It was settled as early as 8000 BC, and is the home of an important opera festival.

If you would love to take some or all of this long trip, which starts in Bergen, takes in the Gerainger fjord and Ålesund among other places, and goes right around the top of Norway inside the Arctic circle, but (like us) may never be able to do it, then this one-hour video is the next best thing to being there.

The commentary is truly excellent, the scenery is awesome, and you can enjoy some great music along the way.

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“A Secret Cove (Australia)” by John Neil

Another grateful snaffle from the fine pages of Jerry.

"Islamorada, FL" © by the Massachusetts based photographer Don Bullens
(worth seeing full size, and Don's other work is well worth checking out)

A very nice image of some of The 12 Apostles in the Port Campbell National Park, by the Australian nature photographer and book author Steve Parish - click the image for his interesting information about the place

“Cannon Beach Ecola Point” © by William Browning, whose other work is well worth checking out

Thanks yet again, Jerry!

“Clear Ahead” by Kirk Larsen

Snaffled gratefully (as so many others) from Jerry's fine pages.

“The Gotheborg”, an acrylic painting by the Canadian artist Neil Hamelin, who writes:

Another one gratefully snaffled from the fine pages of Jerzee55sst (Jerry).

Images © Stian Klo

Stian is a landscape photographer from Norway who grew up in Vesterålen and is now based in Harstad - two places that I would like to visit!

Stian's other work is well worth checking out.

Watercolours by Edward Seago   (click images for sources and related pictures, click other links for place info)

“Cattle on the Marshes, Norfolk

“Behind the Dunes, Sea Palling

“Shrimp boats on the Suffolk coast”

Brancaster Staithe

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Keyhole Iceberg, Illulissat, Greenland, © by Brian Luke Seaward

(I lost track of where I found this... let me know if it was you!)

"Seascape around Naples c1866" - Wikimedia Commons

"Across the Apennines (1867)" - Naples, Capodimonte Museum

Two wonderful paintings by Giuseppe De Nittis (1846-1887), an Italian painter who fell in love with Paris and whose work merges the styles of Salon art and Impressionism. An excellent article on his life and works will be found here.

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[Slideshow of some other works by Giuseppe de Nittis, with nice music]
["Aux beaux jours, 1889" by Jules-Alexis Muenier (1863-1942)]
["Conversations in the Garden of Luxembourg" by Vittorio Matteo Corcos]
["Girl With Guitar", a beautiful example of Decorative Impressionism by Richard Edwardl Miller]

BTW: seascapes are one of my favourite categories... if you like them too, try clicking the seascape tag...

"Shorelines", one of many beautiful photographs © by our very own Fourteenth, whose art blog is well worth visiting

Havant and the South Downs, October 2012

A much-photographed scene that I took near the Royal Oak at Havant (near Portsmouth), a favourite pub of ours

Click the picture if you would like to see a post about our recent visit to Havant and the South Downs

Dartmouth, South Devon, Sept/Oct 2012

View of Kingswear (left) and Dartmouth castle (right, in the distance) from near the Bayards Cove Inn, Dartmouth

Click the picture if you would like to see some posts about our recent visit to South Devon

If you are interested, here are the direct links:

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Wonderful time-lapse photography of the San Francisco Bay Area by Simon Cristen

One of several time-lapse videos found here

Thanks to aldchronicle56 (Allan) for another of his many generous and excellent shares.

I am pleased to report that Allan is now here on Categorian, with a slightly different username! (I shall keep the old tag name to avoid confusion.)

"Myrtle Beach Sunrise"

Wishing everyone a happy, prosperous and peaceful New Year...

A figure from Antony Gormley's "Another Place" welcomes one of the Tall Ships to Merseyside as it sails past the Burbo Bank windfarm on the approach to the Port of Liverpool on July 18, 2008, Liverpool, England. (Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

Volvo Ocean Race yacht Puma arrives off Cape Town, South Africa in second place during the first stage of the 2008-2009 Volvo Ocean Race November 2, 2008. (REUTERS/Mike Hutchings)

Two of many stunning photos on this page. Thanks to aldchronicle56 (Allan) for another of his great shares (the previous post below is from another one sent to me by Allan).

England's West Country, October 2011

Dusk light at Kingsbridge, Devon - low tide

Click the picture to see some posts about our recent visit to England's West Country (with some side trips)

If you are interested, here are the direct links:

[Sherborne Castles, Dorset]
[Sherborne Town and Abbey]
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"Fisher Man" by Navin Nowvapong, an excellent photographer from Thailand

"Island Rocker" by the Cape Cod artist Thomas B. Higham (my kind of place - thanks, johnshaven (Alison))

"After the Rain", taken somewhere in Asia by the Kazakhstani photographer Nadya Kulagina

Nadya is better known for her portraits, e.g. one of my favourites which I posted here

"Ballston surf", an amazing oil painting by the naturalistic artist Jon Friedman

If I came across one of Jon Friedman's paintings in an art gallery, I would be quite capable of sitting there for 20 minutes just looking at it. That's about as far from "normal" Stumbling as you can get (and why I am glad to be here on Categorian).

Free association...

[Green Waves, a beautiful song from Secret Garden]
["Spannungsbogen", the opposite of Stumbling]

"Windswept Sand at Dusk", Oregon, one of many beautiful abstract landscapes by Russell Tomlin

Thanks to IsaacLonetree for this one.

"Images of an unknown land" by Giannis Lasithiotakis

"Landscape" by Anna Grigora

Some great examples of Greek contemporary art - an unexpected bonus from following up Santorini links in a previous post!

If you like this...

[Santorini by Doug Dourgarian]
[Some of my favourite abstract art]

"Near Swanage", a view of Ballard Down and Old Harry rocks, an oil on board painting by Mark Gertler (1891 - 1939)

I came across this peaceful work a few days ago in the Pallant House Gallery in Chichester, on the south coast of England. It was my first visit to this gallery, which is small but full of interesting stuff, and is also a good place to eat, especially in sunny weather when its new courtyard is open.

Mark Gertler is an interesting character. He was a conscientious objector during World War I when he painted this picture in 1916. I discovered from Wikipedia that the character Loerke from D. H. Lawrence's "Women in Love" and Gombauld from Aldous Huxley's "Crome Yellow" were based on him.

As sometimes happens, the different images of this painting that I found online have quite different colour values. I have chosen the one that seems closer to the original (but my colour memory is not reliable!).

[Swanage Seen - information on this painting and on Gertler and Swanage]
[More links on Mark Gertler]

(Original post: February 17th, 2009)

Steve Carter's photography and music web site (and his photography) just seem to get better and better. Yes, there are great photographs, but there's a whole lot more to enjoy on this site.

This is his new 2009 photograph gallery. If your mouse has a thumb wheel, just roll it (or use the slider or arrow keys) and the carousel of thumbnails spins around so that you can choose one - really neat!

From the English Lake District...

"5 a.m. in Borrowdale"

From his Hebrides album...

The two pictures above (which really need to be seen full size in order to be fully appreciated) were taken on South Harris (see map and this article).

Steve tells me that "this is a stunning place in good weather - bloody awful in the rain (nothing to do)"!

And from the Western Highlands...

The Torridon hills early on a November morning (the Torridon link is to a collection of pages by Steve, well worth following) - also click the picture for many more beautiful pictures of this area

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[Another example of Steve Carter's English Lake District photography]
[My photoblog of a trip to the English Lake District, September 2008]

"Adoration", a view from the Valley of the Rocks, Exmoor, Devon, by Bob Garrigus

One of many great photos (and photographers) to be found on the excellent travel photography competition site designed by my friend photoburst (Pedro).

I Can See Forever - Two Medicine Lake, Glacier National Park, Montana

Shi Shi Beach Sunset - Olympic National Park, Washington

Delicate Shadows - The Palouse, Eastern Washington

Steptoe Butte State Park, The Palouse, Eastern Washington

Pathway To The Peaks - Mount Seymour Provincial Park, British Columbia

Just some of the wonderful landscapes of Kevin McNeal

(Original post: August 27th, 2008)

A couple of days ago we visited the Craft and Design Fair at Wrest Park, and saw a full-size print of the above picture of Victoria Station, Manchester, by John S. Gibb, among many prints (and an original) being exhibited by the artist's wife.

The full-size print looks like a historical photograph, but it isn't: it's actually a pencil drawing that took 10 months to create. The artist's main tools are a .03 3H pencil (applied patiently in many layers to get darker tones) and two erasers, one for removing graphite to create white space, and one for correcting mistakes.

As we looked at the prints being exhibited we were amazed by the attention to detail and by the skill and knowledge that the artist possesses. The images shown here are poor, fuzzy substitutes for the real thing. Play the excellent video (right) to get a much better idea!

The pictures above are some of the prints currently available at John's web site. He charges a very modest amount for work that takes him so much time to produce.

The picture below is my own photo of a framed print of his American Screech Owl that we couldn't resist buying that day. It gives a (slightly) better idea of what his prints actually look like.

John Gibb was born in 1939 at Dalton-in-Furness on the edge of the English Lake District. He has been a keen mountaineer and (until a bad accident forced him to turn to art) skiier. He worked for a time as a lumberjack in Sweden, and as a seaman in the Norwegian Merchant Marine. He became a yacht master, on one occasion crossing the Atlantic under sail.

John Gibb seems to share many characteristics (not least an obsession for accurate detail in portraying what he loves) with another better-known figure of the Lake District, the late Alfred Wainwright, creator of the famous hand-written and hand-drawn guides to the Lake District (but that's another story).

"Pitch pines"

"Butterfly bush"

"Ballston surf"

Oil paintings by the naturalistic artist Jon R. Friedman.

"Tobermory Shipwreck", by Peter Zentjens from Beringen, Belgium

Peter writes: "Tobermory is a gorgeous little town on the northern tip of the Bruce Peninsula in Ontario. Its harbor is not only filled with luxury yachts but also with a lot of shipwrecks, which makes it a diver's paradise. It's part of the Fathom Five National Marine Park of Canada."

This is one of Peter's most popular wallpapers, see here for more.

If you're interested in marine conservation, check out the Marine Park link above!

"If I was an old building I would want to be by the ocean. Till' the end of times".

Photographed by Bernie (`foureyes) at the old fishing piers of the Texas Bolivar Peninsula.

"Magic Hour" and "Mystical Night", beautiful photos by Nuno Milheiro.

"This particular chapel was built almost at the sea on the top of rocks as an homage
to the fishermen that died at this place. When the sea level rises it becomes isolated
as an island. It is place of religious cult and at the end of day becomes iluminated."

Thanks to picklejuice for introducing me to this photographer.