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A peaceful scene at Loch Creran, which I took from the Scottish Sea Life Sanctuary in August this year


One of the nicest places we visited this August in Scotland was the Crarae Garden, next to Loch Fyne. In fact, it was probably one of the nicest National Trust properties we have visited, whether in Scotland or England.

Much bigger and more varied than its name suggests, it offers everything from a gentle walk by a stream to high level "Himalayan" walks for more than an hour through a wonderful variety of trees and plants.

It is also a very peaceful place. I took this photograph of the stream coming down through the gorge, and also recorded its soothing sound, which was the only thing we could hear. I turned the recording into a 10-minute MP3 file which you can play or download if you click the photo. I play it looped on my phone, and find it great for relaxing, sleeping or just turning off the world. Maybe you will too.

Having seen the trailers for Brave, I wasn't sure how much I would like this latest movie from Pixar - but I did, enormously. The extraordinarily detailed CGI world in which it is set (much more impressive than appears here), the Celtic atmosphere and the slightly unusual story made this a winner for me.

Highly recommended (and definitely worth seeing on the big screen, in 3D if possible).

"Jurassic View - The Quiraing, Skye, Scotland" © by Ian Cameron

Thanks, johnshaven (Alison)!

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"Beinn a' Bheithir" by the superb landscape photographer John Parminter (needs to be seen full size)

Thanks to Lexlu4 (Lex) (who has some great landscapes on his pages) for this one.

"Wild Mountainside" by the Scottish singer-songwriter Eddi Reader MBE

One of many, many treasures to be found in Gatorindo's fabulous and wonderfully-documented music collection. Thanks, David!

Sean Connery, photographed in 2003 by Albert Watson
(whose portrait of Steve Jobs replaced Apple's homepage when Jobs died)

Found on Cyrion's great pages.

"The Great Marquess" 61994 Heads South by Ian Charters

Ian is well worth visiting if you like the outdoors - don't miss his beautiful photos of the English Lake District, Scotland and the Canadian Rockies

"The Devil's Point" © by John Parminter, one of the finest photographers of the Scottish Highlands and English Lake District, who writes:

[This is] The Devil's Point seen over erratic boulders left after the last ice age. This prominent mountain is a landmark when entering the Cairngorms from the south via the Lairig Ghru (more...)

Thanks again to aldchronicle56 (Allan) for this one!

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(Original post: May 18th, 2011)

Views of the Scottish Highlands and the English Lake District by John Parminter

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"Rainy Clouds"

"From Hillhead"

"Feeding the Birds"

"Birch and Snow"

Some wonderful Scottish contemporary art by David Body, discovered for me (as she does so often) by Johnshaven (Alison)

  • 29th May 2013:

  • Sadly (from our point of view) Alison has withdrawn from blogging now, but I featured her many times here on my own blog, and if you click the johnshaven tag above (or go here) you will still see some of her delightful output.

(Original post: February 17th, 2009)

Steve Carter's photography and music web site (and his photography) just seem to get better and better. Yes, there are great photographs, but there's a whole lot more to enjoy on this site.

This is his new 2009 photograph gallery. If your mouse has a thumb wheel, just roll it (or use the slider or arrow keys) and the carousel of thumbnails spins around so that you can choose one - really neat!

From the English Lake District...

"5 a.m. in Borrowdale"

From his Hebrides album...

The two pictures above (which really need to be seen full size in order to be fully appreciated) were taken on South Harris (see map and this article).

Steve tells me that "this is a stunning place in good weather - bloody awful in the rain (nothing to do)"!

And from the Western Highlands...

The Torridon hills early on a November morning (the Torridon link is to a collection of pages by Steve, well worth following) - also click the picture for many more beautiful pictures of this area

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