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“Surrounded by the Italian Alps, Funes is blanketed by a layer of crystal white snow every winter.”    —photographer: ewitsoe (exceptionally recommended)

Shirakawa-go is a small, traditional village known for its incredibly steep roofs that were made to withstand some of the heaviest snowfall in the world.”    —photographer: Miyamoto Y

Vyborg lies on the border between Russia and Finland and is surrounded by the Saimaa Canal, which freezes over in winter. From the castle tower, the entire town is visible in its snow-capped beauty.”    —photographer: EGRA

This page is unusual in crediting, and linking to, the sources of all of its photos, including the three shown here - sources that are well worth following up!

Many thanks (again) to Renaissance2007 (Julian) for this find.

A complete virtual trip on the Trans Siberian Railway from Moscow to Vladivostok by train. You can listen to balalaika music or the rumble of wheels or somebody reading War and Peace in Russian as you trundle across the continent.

Since you probably don't have several days to watch and listen, you can use the route map or the list of scenic locations to jump into the trip anywhere you want. When you get to the page, pop the video out onto Youtube and watch full screen!

Strangely calming…

Thanks to my elder daughter for this one!