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"Courageous" by the Danish graphic designer Jonas Ranum Brand - gratefully snaffled from my friend Chaotiqual, whom I am delighted to say is now here on Categorian

"New Light", taken at Fira, Santorini by the Pembroke-based photographer Mark Robson, whose other work is well worth looking at

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[My photos of Mykonos]

"Three Whites" by Hans Kawitzki, whose other work is well worth looking at

I can almost hear my younger daughter muttering "Three Greys" in my ear, but I'm no horse expert and it's a beautiful picture!

"Detail of a foggy morning" by StefaniaC, whose other work is well worth looking at

"Benzaiten", a fine art print by the Melbourne artist and illustrator Nadia Turner

("Benzaiten" is the Japanese name for the goddess Saraswati:

Goddess of Music, Poetry, Learning, & Art
River Goddess, Patron of Children, Protector of the Nation...
and a few other things!)

Thanks to Anne for this one!

"Summer Dreams"

"Flowered Corner"

Beautiful colours from photographer/artist Eva Mariza

"Leda and the Swan", an acrylic painting by Thomas Andersen, inspired by this story from Greek mythology

"Touch the Sky", very nice macro-photography by unlimitedmind, whose other work is well worth checking out

"Morning light" - watercolor painting of a lighthouse in Twin Lights Park, near Portland, Maine

"Beach path" - watercolor painting of a beach scene in Maine

"Miss Marie" - candid photo of the artist's daughter on a school trip

Some very nice work by Lora Garcelon. I love the colours!

[An introduction to RedBubble]

There is so much more to this site than the title suggests!

From the intro:

"RedBubble is a forum for self expression, an inclusive art gallery and a supportive and welcoming community...

"The RedBubble community exists to challenge the elitism of the traditional art world."

Among other things, RedBubble is a place to easily find many great photos and paintings. You can search RedBubble for images with any characteristics you want, e.g. the following:

nature fog water lake boat light sunrise sunset wildlife still-life

abstract bubbles crystals fractals

people portraits glamour children

France Provence Italy Tuscany Umbria Switzerland

oil acrylic pastel watercolour watercolor stained-glass

You won't actually find a list like this at RedBubble. These are searches I thought up that produce good results for me (they open in a separate window, just close it when you're done). If (like me) you're new to RedBubble, why not try a few of these and then "roll your own"?

Note that RedBubble no longer has an "advanced search", but you can search for two or more tags separated by spaces, which it treats as an 'AND' combination.