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“Upper” by Andrey Korotich, who produces some nice mood portraits, e.g. Reflection in a Mirror

I have seen this popular photo-art image used in several YouTube videos - nice to have finally found the author!

"Two lives, one leaf" - author unknown

Found on the very fine pages of Toetie.

Rain forest (author uncertain) - one of a nice set of rain photos

Prize-winning illustration by the Korean illustrator Jae-Hong Kim, whose other work is well worth checking out

Original illustration by E.H. Shepard for the chapter in Winnie-the-Pooh "In which Piglet is entirely surrounded by water"
...a feeling known to all too many people in the UK this year!

Two samples from the post Rainy Day Kids, from Shelley Davies & Julie Fortenberry's wonderful blog Children's Illustration, a treasure trove for those who love the magical ways in which children see the world.

If you like this...

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"Monet’s Water Garden in the Rain", photographed at Giverny by Robert Mack

France (Midi-Pyrénées), June 2012

The approach to the Abbaye Château de Camon (now a hotel owned by an English couple), in unseasonal weather

Click the picture to see some posts about our recent visit to the Midi-Pyrénées

If you are interested, here are the direct links:

[Abbaye Château de Camon]
[Carcassonne Old Walled City]
[Château de Foix]

"Garden in the Rain - Paris" © by Ida Macondo

April 27th...

April 26th...

It's STILL raining...

(officially, it's still a drought!)

This time last year...

... we had a wonderful week in the English Lake District, normally the wettest spot in England!

[ click the picture for my Lake District photoblog ]

This time this year...

7°C... 45°F...
Rain, rain, go away...

"Corsican Cats"

A rainy day in Corsica... and the local cats find a great way to spend it. Click the picture for the full story!

(It's been raining in England for what seems like forever - ever since drought warnings and the enforcement of a hosepipe ban....)

"Rainy Days" by the Melbourne-based photographer Amy Weiss

Found on the always-beautiful pages of ensemble5.

"Venice" (which the artist says he drew from this photo by Monika)

"Milano - Santa Maria Nascente"

"Szczytno in the Rain"

Some of many beautiful watercolours by the Polish-resident artist Minh Dam

Found via this site recommended by Cyrion, who has so many beautiful things on her pages.

When the weather is like this... the only thing is to enjoy it!

A nice image by "alibi", a photographer from Budapest, Hungary who has only just started publishing his work (at least, as far as I can find).

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["Summer Rain" by WWWest]

I really like Jesse Cook, and this is a particularly beautiful song with some beautiful images to go with it

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One of many fine photographs by Christophe Jacrot, from his portfolio Paris in the Rain (if there's a slow link to France, you may have to wait for all the photos to appear!)

Christophe writes:

In my opinion, there are two ways of capturing the world for a photographer; on the one hand grasping its horror, and on the other sublimating it. I have chosen the second. More specifically, I like the way rain, snow and "bad weather" awaken a feeling of romantic fiction within me (climatic excesses are another topic).

I see these elements as a fabulous ground for photography, an under-used visual universe with a strong evocative power, and with a richness of subtle lights. This universe escapes most of us, since we are too occupied getting undercover. Man becomes a ghostly silhouette wandering and obeying the hazards of rain or of snow.

My approach is deliberately pictorial and emotional.

Found on the always-beautiful pages of my friend expressioniste (Aline).

"Juliana" by the Russian photographer Ludmila (plenAIR), whose other work is well worth checking out

(Original post: August 25th, 2010)

"Catching The Rain" by Steve Hanks

This is for my dear friend Chaotiqual, hoping that the rain stops soon

“St Giles in the Rain” by Francis Hamel

A place that brings back many memories for me. The Eagle & Child pub (AKA The Bird & Baby) on St Giles was the hangout of J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis among others, who created many memories for many people.

"Summer Rain" by WWWest

It often rains here, but somehow it isn't as enjoyable as this!

Thanks again to my friend chaotiqual, whose pages are always a delight to visit.

Beautiful rain sounds, music and images found on Aline's always-lovely pages

"Canadian rumba flamenco artist Jesse Cook has blended the exotic Spanish music form with elements of new age, jazz, and easy listening on his releases for Narada Records."

Simply glorious music, for rainy weather or any other time.

"Rainy day", one of many beautiful pictures by Alexander Volkov

Another one gratefully swiped from the excellent pages of aquieterstorm. Thanks, Cheryl!

"Winter Rain", a watercolour by Susan Adams

One of many interesting and beautiful items to be found on the pages of chaotiqual.

"Autumn Leaves"

"A Room With A View"

"A Chance Meeting"

Some nice work by Alexei Butirskiy. I like the light effects.