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Fine work by the Algerian artist Faiza Maghni, whose other work is well worth checking out
(thanks to ThePhil51 and Gatorindo (David) for this one)

A lovely image © by Ekaterina Romakina, a beautiful photographer who takes beautiful pictures of beautiful women

“Three Generations” by the realist painter Jie Wei Zhou, whose other work is well worth checking out

Thanks yet again for this one to Jerry, and for all these other treasures that I have gratefully snaffled from him over the years.

Two of many fine watercolours © by Stan Miller (reproduced here with kind permission)

One of many fine portraits of India and its people by Harry Silcock (my brother-in-law and a real photographer!)

Some very nice watercolours by the South Korean artist Misulbu

There are several treats for art lovers here. If you click either image above you will go to Misulbu's own art gallery (watercolour section). His Korean home page is hard for English people to navigate but well worth exploring. His main sections are Watercolours, Pen, Oils and Acrylic/Airbrush.

I was introduced to Misulbu by the wonderful art blog of David Meldrum, who hails from Stockholm, Sweden. It features not only his own work, including some great watercolours, but also introductions to many other fine artists.

(Click the palette to visit David's great art resource.)

Self-portrait by Ekaterina Romakina, a beautiful photographer who takes beautiful pictures of beautiful women

Untitled portrait by Ekaterina Romakina (found, as so many other nice things, on the fine pages of Jerry)

“Summer’s End” by Marci Oleszkiewicz - thanks yet again, Jerry!

“Upper” by Andrey Korotich, who produces some nice mood portraits, e.g. Reflection in a Mirror

I have seen this popular photo-art image used in several YouTube videos - nice to have finally found the author!

“Solar” © by Sergey Betz, whose other work is well worth checking out (includes some very nice artistic nudes)

Untitled photo © by Olesya Pominova - another find on the fine pages of Jerzee55sst (Jerry)

(Click his tag to see lots more of his good stuff that I have gratefully snaffled over the years)

Such a beautiful use of autumn colours, from my friend ArtistryBySandy

“Smile for today”, one of many, many reasons to visit Gatorindo's fine pages

(Click his tag for more reasons!)

“Lost in Thought”

“Little Indians”

Wonderful photography by Ellen-OW (Eleonore Swierczyna), whose full portfolio is well worth checking out

I found this (as so many other good things, click her tag!) on the fine pages of Toetie.

Margarita Kareva from the Russian city of Ekaterinburg is a wedding photographer making magical photos of women. [Margarita] is all grown up, but fairytales still inspire her everyday job as a fantasy photographer...”

A photographer whose other work is well worth exploring, found on the beautiful and interesting pages of Ladygray.

“Marina”, a beautiful portrait © by Sergey Spoyalov - thanks, Lex!

“The other love of my life”, a beautiful portrait © by our very own 007Sue (Susan Brett)

“Love Song” © by Ivan Lee, whose other work is well worth checking out

Gratefully snaffled from Lexlu4's great pages - thanks, Lex!

“Imagine” by Nikki Harrison

Autumnal colours in a rather beautiful form - thanks, Lexlu4 (Lex)!

007sue writes:

“A great pastime... drew my little granddaughter while I was laid up in bed with flu... sort of LOL”...

Sue has many talents - check out her photography also!

A beautiful portrait © by the multi-talented Vietnamese photographer and artist Duong Quoc Dinh,
whose other work is well worth checking out

If you like this...

["A Family Album Portrait" by Nadya Kulagina]

A beautiful untitled portrait by Anna Gusarova

(BTW, if you didn't know already: the Chrome browser is great for viewing pages in foreign languages, since it has an automatic translation facility.)

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[All portraits from this site, sorted by popularity]
[Ginger-Snap's fine collection of redheads]

"Marusya" by Bozhena Puchko, whose other work is well worth checking out

Thanks to Jerzee55sst (Jerry) for this one!

"Aftertase" by the Taiwanese artist Jungshan (whose other work is well worth checking out)

Found on the always-beautiful pages of ensemble5

If you like this...

[The work of Hu Jundi]

"Drive" by the Estonian photographer Pavel Reband

This comes from a nice collection of black & white photography, added to the Library by anitab (Ani) (whose pages are well worth visiting).

Some beautiful images © by the Ukrainian photographer Jaroslav Monchak, whom I was introduced to (as to so much other good stuff) by aldchronicle56 (Allan)

[For more good stuff that Allan has sent my way, click his tag at the top of this post...]

"Beauty of November" by the Russian photographer Ksenia Sinyavina, whose other work is well worth checking out

[Ksenia's home page]

Steve Jobs (1955 – 2011) artist currently unknown

Not many people change the way we see the world, but Steve certainly did. He was a genius with an obsessive belief that people would pay extra for engineering quality, and had the ability to create and maintain a range of closely integrated products that had that quality.

Sadly, I still don't own one of his computers or mobile phones, but I am eternally grateful to him every time that I watch a Pixar animation, since without his belief and financial support many of my favourite movies would never have been made.

I loved the comment from a mother who was resignedly watching her toddler who, with sticky fingers, was trying to wipe pictures across the family's TV screen. In so many ways, Steve is still with us...

Sean Connery, photographed in 2003 by Albert Watson
(whose portrait of Steve Jobs replaced Apple's homepage when Jobs died)

Found on Cyrion's great pages.

"Detail of Lily with Rose (BloomIV)" © by the British artist Mary Jane Ansell

Some wonderful child portraits © by the Bulgarian amateur photographer Slavina Bahchevanova, whom I found on the always-beautiful pages of Cyrion

If you like this, you might also like these photographers...

[Tanya Gramatikova]
[Vladimir Kutchinski]
[Lyubov Pimenova]

...and my childhood tag

"Happy Kids", a picture to improve anyone's day, by the Russian travel photographer Dmitry Vashchenko

"Nastasiya", a very fine portrait by Valeriy Kasmasov (needs to be seen full size)

(More of this last model, whose name SU unfortunately scrambles, here)

Some of Ervin Sperla's fine portraits - thanks (again) to expressioniste (Aline) for introducing me to this fine photographer

(Check out Ervin's September 2010 archive also)

Another lovely redhead, beautifully photographed by Dmitry Ageev

(found on the nice pages of MsMiles)

If you like this...

[Titian beauty by Black Orchid]

"Brick Wall" by the Russian photographer BRoman (Brom)

This is one of nice sequence of portraits that (I think) starts here - and I also particularly like this one. Thanks, weepingbeauty!

A picture of Audrey Hepburn, one of many taken of her and other celebrities by the American fashion and celebrity photographer Mark Shaw

Found on the always-delightful pages of ensemble5

"corrasonnezz..." by Zorik Istomin, an illustrator, photographer and designer based in Saint-Peterburg, Russia

I was introduced to Zorik on patriciapatty66's wonderful SU pages, where you could always find much other beautiful and funny stuff with a stylish "zing" that is all her own.

Beautiful portraits and abstract work by the Russian photographer Yana Bondareva, whom I discovered on the fine pages of Parkari

"QiQi by the Door"

"The Cellist"

Nice work by the modern Chinese painter Zhao Kailin - thanks, Catcaley!

"Romance d'automne" by Evgenia Karica (elle-cannelle)

(and a poem with that title here)

Found on the always-beautiful pages of my friend chaotiqual.



Some beautiful work by Hu Jundi

From this page:

Hu Jundi was born in 1962 in Juilin Province, China. He graduated from Sichuan Fine Art Institute in 1984. Hu's work has been exhibited and collected in China and other Asian countries as well as in Europe and America.

His work is different from the oil paintings that we often see. His brilliance is in the harmonious blend of traditional Chinese brushwork with the unmatched depth of oils. His paintings are completely Chinese, with colors of the Sichuan environment...

He paints elegant, serene and beautiful Sichuan women. The attire is classical Sichuan Chinese, but there is an appeal that goes beyond...


Thanks to endtimes for introducing me to this artist.

If you like this...

[The work of Feng Chang Jiang]

"Juliana" by the Russian photographer Ludmila (plenAIR), whose other work is well worth checking out

"Margot 2", one of many beautiful and striking portraits by Tanya Gramatikova, one of my favourite photographers

"Sheewa IV", one of many beautiful wildlife pictures by the Russian photographer and nature enthusiast Lilia Tkachenko

"Me and Glasha", a self-portrait by the Russian photographer and nature enthusiast Lilia Tkachenko

(Original post: August 25th, 2010)

"Catching The Rain" by Steve Hanks

This is for my dear friend Chaotiqual, hoping that the rain stops soon

The beautiful South African actress, film producer and former fashion model Charlize Theron

The beautiful Israeli model Bar Refaeli (and see my next post)

Fine drawings by the Oregon-based artist Michael W Ford

"Velvet Dress", a fine drawing by the Oregon-based artist Michael W Ford, whose other work is well worth checking out

Gratefully snaffled from the always-beautiful pages of my friend Chaotiqual

Scarlett Johansson

The beautiful actress Scarlett Johansson

I have liked Scarlett ever since her great performance as the crippled teenager in The Horse Whisperer (a movie that IMO was even better than the book it came from).

"Ivet" by Tanya Gramatikova, one of my favourite photographers

Tanya has taken many pictures of this beautiful young model, who reminds me strongly of the young Scarlett Johansson (see my next post above)

[If you like this photographer, click her tag at the top of this post for more in this blog.]

"Japanese Girls"


Some beautiful work by the Dutch artist Chrstiaan Lieverse

I was introduced to this artist a long time ago by Cyrion - many thanks!

"Winter" by Oleg Zhizhiyan

The photographer obviously felt that this snowy landscape lacked a certain something!

"Brainstorm" by Thomas Dodd

"Atlanta based photographer/Digital artist Thomas Dodd has been called everything from a Pre-Raphaelite with a camera to a modern day Rembrandt or Giuseppe Arcimboldo . His lavishly-textured creations have an ancient Old Masters look about them and yet are created in modern mediums such as Digital Photography and Adobe Photoshop..."

Snaffled gratefully from the very nice pages of DaysEye (whose new home I will hopefully find after October 24th).

If you like this...

[J.W. Waterhouse, the Modern Pre-Raphaelite]

A beautiful picture of a child, by Dani Brubaker - found on the always-beautiful pages of expressioniste

Some very fine work with a graphite pencil by Linda Huber

Thanks for introducing me to this artist, Aline!

"Daria II" by Callu

Luckily, Callu occasionally takes a break from nature photography to produce other great work like this!

This is one of my favourite photos!

I have seen it many times, but now I know who the author is: it's an untitled picture by Vladimir Kutchinsky

Beautiful picture of father and child by Vladimir Kutchinsky (doesn't the father look like Daniel Craig?)

"Ivet", one of many beautiful and striking portraits by Tanya Gramatikova, one of my favourite photographers

Another picture (author unknown) of Aishwarya Rai, one of the most beautiful women on the planet...

"A Family Album Portrait" by Nadya Kulagina

I just love this! The more I look at it, the more I feel that this is how the world should be.

"Umbrella Sky" by the Polish digital artist Marta Dahlig (`blackeri)

I notice that in the previous copies that I have seen circulated, her signature has been edited out, presumably by someone with no respect for the hard work and talent that it takes to produce a picture like this. I am very pleased to have found the original version.

An unusually beautiful example of this kind of fantasy art. The artist isn't credited on the site where this was originally found - but I have finally tracked her down, she is the French digital artist Melanie Delon, and this picture is titled "Elixir".

According to Melanie, it takes her about two weeks to create a painting like this. For more information, do visit her site.

"Healing (2006)"

An absolutely beautiful work of digital art, one of many by the Korean artist Hyung Jun Kim. Thanks to my friend cloud-weaver (Marina) for leading me to this one.

A very appealing photo by Yuliya Shevchenko

Thanks to Deanie for finally tracking down the author for me!

"The Shroud" by Brett Hochkins - from his album Kharu - A New Leaf

A beautiful subject and beautiful colours!


Untitled (from "Kids")

Two wonderful photos from Indonesia by Rarindra Prakarsa.

A wonderful portrait of old age by Paul Dzik.

A life-time of experiences, some good, some bad, many of them fascinating... waiting for people who want to listen.




Just a few of many great photos of the Maldives by Ahmed Zahid.

Thanks to bilkb for this one!

"Childhood" - another of my favourite pictures by Tanya Gramatikova.

There are stories here...