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“Fleya & Poppy (night version)


Nice images © by the Polish photographer Adam Wawrzyniak (my favourite of his is still Girls Waiting for a Train)

“Upper” by Andrey Korotich, who produces some nice mood portraits, e.g. Reflection in a Mirror

I have seen this popular photo-art image used in several YouTube videos - nice to have finally found the author!

Untitled picture © Jean-Michel Priaux, a photographer who transforms landscapes into art with expert photomanipulation.
Click the image for many examples of his work (highly recommended).

Thanks once again to Chaotiqual for this one!

"Spring Blossoms II" (2011) by Catherine Nelson

Click the image to see a complete slideshow (worth viewing full screen)

From the page:

If you like this...

[More images of Catherine's work]

Some wonderful surreal images by Caras Ionut - click the image for more, which are well worth seeing. Thanks, saboma!

Since 2010, the French photographer Thierry Cohen has been developing images that show us what major cities of the world would be like if there were no light pollution.

More images and details about his technique and philosophy will be found here.

"Evening Leaves in vilnius" © by Daumantas Kazdailis.

One of the photographic compositions featured on the web site of the Lithuanian company D&I Graphic Design and Photography.

If you delve into this site you will find some excellent photography (including annotated examples of HDR photography) in high resolution.

"Camels In The desert Night" © by Amyyy (Waxflower), who for some reason describes herself as a "beginner photographer" - IMO there is considerable evidence to the contrary!

"Moonstruck" (my free translation) by the Spanish photographer Luis Beltran, whose other work is well worth checking out

Is that a Categorian that I see in the distance?

(found on the very fine SU pages of Stargazer902, whom I reviewed here - she is on Categorian now!)

"The Texture Of Mushrooms"

"Magic Barge"

From Neon Art by our own Samaryantha (click her name in the tags at the top of this post)

"I'm Going Home", some very nice Photoshop work by Angi Baker

"Love Train #3"

"Love Train #2"


Some very nice fashion photography by Kenvin Pinardy - thanks to Chaotiqual for leading me to him!

"The sun" by `greenfeed, who also does some excellent fantasy art and photomanipulation work

"Rocking horse logic" - pencils, acrylics, Photoshop

"Cross bones style" - photomanipulation, Photoshop

Very imaginative artwork © by Sara Vandermeulen - thanks to tonesofhome for leading me to these.