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“The Innermost House Foundation is a non-profit organization devoted to exploring the transcendental dimension of American life expressed by Thomas Jefferson in his writings, preached by Ralph Waldo Emerson, practiced by Henry David Thoreau at Walden Pond and lived by Diana Lorence at Innermost House.”

What started out for me as the discovery of a pretty picture led me to an unexpected wealth of information (and a whole lot of other beautiful images, e.g. these) that I had never come across before. If you follow the links (as I know most people won't have time to do) you can spend hours here...

Yet another great share by overthetrail - thanks, Sandy!

The German language, I have read, has a rich facility for creating compound words, and for attaching many layers of meaning to some of these words.

I came across the word "Spannungsbogen" a long time ago when I read Frank Herbert's superb science fiction epic Dune, from which the above quotation comes (click the quotation for many more quotations from the same sequence of novels).

Like many people, I was curious to find out whether Frank had added his own layer of meaning to an existing word. If you're interested in what is to be found, go here!

The downside of our interconnected online world (it seems to me) is that it promotes a desire for instant gratification, and a loss of willingness to spend significant time and effort in creating or reading anything worthwhile.

Another definition of "Spannungsbogen", for instance, might be "The opposite of Stumbling" (but some really good Stumblers, many of whom have moved to Categorian, are featured here).


The novel "Dune" had many sequels, none of which I liked as much as the original, and I once watched a movie made from the book which I found very disappointing. However the original novel is still acknowledged to be one of SF's greatest masterworks, and I would highly recommend it to anyone even if they aren't an SF fan.

For more information on the stones in the image, see here.