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“Upper” by Andrey Korotich, who produces some nice mood portraits, e.g. Reflection in a Mirror

I have seen this popular photo-art image used in several YouTube videos - nice to have finally found the author!

"Velvet Dress", a fine drawing by the Oregon-based artist Michael W Ford, whose other work is well worth checking out

Gratefully snaffled from the always-beautiful pages of my friend Chaotiqual

"Daria II" by Callu

Luckily, Callu occasionally takes a break from nature photography to produce other great work like this!

"Rendezvous..2" by Sonia Avdeeva

"Lost illusions" by Yan McLine

I guess we have all had days when life pauses, and we are lost in our thoughts...

"Childhood" - another of my favourite pictures by Tanya Gramatikova.

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