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“Monet's Playground” © by John White

John writes:

“This scene is from France in the town of Honfleur, in the Normandy region. This is a small fishing village where Monet frequented with his friends to paint the bright colors and vivid scenery that was so different from his home. I painted this early in the morning before the crowds made their way to this absolutely gorgeous spot.

“This was done on site en plein air and is an unframed 9"x12" original oil painting.”

Thanks yet again for this one to Jerry, and for all these other treasures that I have gratefully snaffled from him over the years.

“Woman with a Parasol” by Claude Monet

One of my favourite paintings, kindly found for me by Ceara - click the image for her original, fully-documented post

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"Monet’s Water Garden in the Rain", photographed at Giverny by Robert Mack