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“Woman with a Parasol” by Claude Monet

One of my favourite paintings, kindly found for me by Ceara - click the image for her original, fully-documented post

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"Monet’s Water Garden in the Rain", photographed at Giverny by Robert Mack

"Rainy dusk in Paris" by Thomas Kinkade (painting as Robert Girrard)

Thomas Kinkade, who died unexpectedly on April 6th, was a self-styled "painter of light" whose idyllic cottages and other works are very popular, although not considered great art by critics.

I do like this painting, done under his pseudonym of Robert Girrard, which he used when exploring the style of French Impressionism.

"In The Elbank, Hamburg 1886" by the Norwegian impressionistic artist Frits Thaulow

"On A French River 1893"

"A French River Landscape"

Two lovely paintings by the Norwegian impressionistic artist Frits Thaulow

"Impression, Soleil Levant", Giclee on Canvas, by Ton Dubbeldam

StumbleUpon was lucky to have a number of stumblers whose pages are (among other things) superb art galleries in their own right, with great information as well as beautiful images. I found this work of art here on the pages of hhj.

I am pleased to say that hhj is now here on Categorian!