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Fine photography © by the Ukrainian photographer Alexey Argentum, whose other work
is well worth checking out

I was introduced to this photographer on the very fine pages of Reflections, who has one of my favourite blogs on the Internet and is also a fine photographer. Thanks!

“Seven Mile Milky Way, Avalon N.J.”

“Big Sur Bioluminescence”

Fine photography © by Jack Fusco, whose other work is well worth checking out

I was introduced to this photographer here on the very fine pages of Through My Eyes, one of my favourite blogs on the Internet. Thanks!

If you like this...

[Many of us miss so much through light pollution - some nice examples of what we're missing here]

Happy New Year!

“Sunset on the Rolling Hills” in Alberta, Canada, by Dan Jurak, whose other work is well worth checking out

One of many fine portraits of India and its people by Harry Silcock (my brother-in-law and a real photographer!)

“Good Morning Damian Shan”
“The overall winner, and open award winner, in the nature/landscape category, is a shot of the Li River in Guangxi province, China. All photographs courtesy the Epson International Panoramic Photography awards.
Photograph: Jesús M. García

(Go here for large wallpaper version)

“Moonlight Wonderland” by Urmo Parts, a National Geographic photographer who hails from Järlepa, Raplamaa, Estonia (map link), and whose other work is well worth exploring

“Portrait of a Tree” © by Nathaniel Merz, whose other work (from his home in South Korea) is well worth checking out

Another grateful snaffle from the fine pages of Jerry.

“Last 2016 sunrise”

“Moonrise over Mt Baker

Some great photography by Rakan Alduaij (worth seeing full size, as is his other work)

Self-portrait by Ekaterina Romakina, a beautiful photographer who takes beautiful pictures of beautiful women

“Cannon Beach Ecola Point” © by William Browning, whose other work is well worth checking out

Thanks yet again, Jerry!

“Moonlight Cruise”

“Moonlight Cruise 2”

“Sunset over the Atlantic”

Some great aviation photography © by JPC Van Heijst, a professional photographer and pilot who currently flies as a Senior First Officer on Boeing 747-8 and -400 freighters. His other work is well worth checking out.

Found on the very fine pages of blacksock - thanks!.

“Hortensia” © by the Romanian photographer Radu Carp, whose other work is well worth exploring

(another treasure found on Jerry's fine pages)

If you like this, you will probably love these portfolios from Radu, as well as several others:

[Leaves and Colour]

“Abstract | Autumn Watercolors” © by lighttrouve (Russell Tomlin)

One of many fine examples of his work, which include some wonderful landscapes and abstract photography.

“The Innermost House Foundation is a non-profit organization devoted to exploring the transcendental dimension of American life expressed by Thomas Jefferson in his writings, preached by Ralph Waldo Emerson, practiced by Henry David Thoreau at Walden Pond and lived by Diana Lorence at Innermost House.”

What started out for me as the discovery of a pretty picture led me to an unexpected wealth of information (and a whole lot of other beautiful images, e.g. these) that I had never come across before. If you follow the links (as I know most people won't have time to do) you can spend hours here...

Yet another great share by overthetrail - thanks, Sandy!

“Morning Stillness” © by lighttrouve (Russell Tomlin) - one of many fine examples of his work, which include some wonderful landscapes and abstract photography

"Aasleagh waterfall" (County Mayo, Ireland) by Ulrich Greger

An example of many fine photographs of places and people all around the world that can be found on - a great photographic travel site linked to Google maps, well worth exploring.

Thanks, Elegantlady (Roberta)!

[All images from (paged!)]

Nice desktop wallpaper (author unknown) found for me by batchbatcharak


If you haven't met the very useful "site:" option in Google search before, which restricts your search to a particular site, try this link for fun (it produces a lot of good photos):

[All images from (paged!)]

(you can refine the search by adding further keywords in the Google search box like animals or landscape, or playing with Google's Search tools)

Fine photography (and great desktop wallpaper) by Kristin Repsher, a Texas gal living in Brisbane, Australia, whose other work is well worth checking out

Huge number of examples of HDR from a single RAW file.

A beautiful image of (I am almost sure) the Sonoran Desert, California, by Jack Dykinga, which features on the front cover of his book
"Large Format Nature Photography"

Click the image to visit a site with many great photographs

Wonderfully artistic photography by August Bradley

A small excerpt from the excellent biographical details for August Bradley provided on this site:

"I was increasingly drawn to crafting scenes out of my imagination," Bradley explains of his early transition from adventure and sports photography to a more fantastical subject matter. "I wanted to create stories, rather than capture events unfolding before me. I've always been a big reader, and I've found that there's every bit as much truth and insight in the best literary fiction as in nonfiction works. I try to bring a literary sensibility to my graphic images. My work has been influenced as much by authors such as Thomas Pynchon and David Foster Wallace as by any photographer."

If you're familiar with the works of Pynchon and Wallace, then you expect a densely nuanced twist on the typical photographic fare. Sure enough, Bradley's images are often surreal and conceptual--as much illustrations as photographs...

Thanks again to my friend Alison for introducing me to this great photographer.

Many excellent photos by the multi-talented artist and photographer Katherine Dinger.

A fashion shop in a sleepy little German town
A very nice HDR photo by Rudi Wenzel

Thanks to my friend renaissance2007 (Julian) for leading me to this one.

BTW: HDR Creme is a great photo site specialising in HDR photography. Authors are identified and can be contacted, and original size photos are provided as well as web size photos.

There is so much more to this site than the title suggests!

From the intro:

"RedBubble is a forum for self expression, an inclusive art gallery and a supportive and welcoming community...

"The RedBubble community exists to challenge the elitism of the traditional art world."

Among other things, RedBubble is a place to easily find many great photos and paintings. You can search RedBubble for images with any characteristics you want, e.g. the following:

nature fog water lake boat light sunrise sunset wildlife still-life

abstract bubbles crystals fractals

people portraits glamour children

France Provence Italy Tuscany Umbria Switzerland

oil acrylic pastel watercolour watercolor stained-glass

You won't actually find a list like this at RedBubble. These are searches I thought up that produce good results for me (they open in a separate window, just close it when you're done). If (like me) you're new to RedBubble, why not try a few of these and then "roll your own"?

Note that RedBubble no longer has an "advanced search", but you can search for two or more tags separated by spaces, which it treats as an 'AND' combination.