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´Whirlpool´ embroidery detail by Annemieke Mein, a Dutch-born Australian textile artist
who specialises in depicting wildlife.

Found on another great art resource.

Some very nice watercolours by the South Korean artist Misulbu

There are several treats for art lovers here. If you click either image above you will go to Misulbu's own art gallery (watercolour section). His Korean home page is hard for English people to navigate but well worth exploring. His main sections are Watercolours, Pen, Oils and Acrylic/Airbrush.

I was introduced to Misulbu by the wonderful art blog of David Meldrum, who hails from Stockholm, Sweden. It features not only his own work, including some great watercolours, but also introductions to many other fine artists.

(Click the palette to visit David's great art resource.)

Jessie Willcox Smith - Vintage Book Illustrations

“I Love My Little Cat”

(click the image for I AM A CHILD - children in art history, a wonderful art resource for childhood)

“The Seven Ages of Childhood:
5. Then the Scholar, With Eyes Severe and Hair of Formal Cut”

(click the image to read a scanned online copy of the original vintage book!)

Jessie Willcox Smith, according to Wikipedia, “was a prominent female illustrator in the United States during the Golden Age of American illustration and ‘one of the greatest pure illustrators’”.

Thanks to Gatorindo (David) and ensemble5 for these!

If you like this...

[Try clicking the childhood tag - just a suggestion!]

“Magpies in a Summer Field” by Rob Barnes (click the image for more from Rob)

The Bourneside Gallery, BTW, has an excellent online arts and crafts resource. Just a reminder too that if you're interested you can find my complete list of art sites here, or by going to the favourite tags section at the end of my "White Rabbit" Index.

Ceara is rebuilding her fine collection of art - a resource not to be missed, full of high quality images and high quality information.

Her collection is well tagged, too - for example you can easily see all of her collection of impressionist paintings.

(Click the palette for more good art sites.)

Gatorindo writes:

“Great art site full of prints and etchings from all over the world with comments and facts about the works - lots of stuff to see and use here...”

For an example of what you might find here, see my next post.

Thanks again, David!

(BTW, this site is written mostly in English, but a few parts are in Dutch. If you didn't know already: the Chrome browser is great for viewing pages in foreign languages, since it has an automatic translation facility.)

A site that promotes the best visual artists and graphic designers, and is a real treasure trove for fine images of all kinds.

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Yet another great share by Gatorindo.

"October" by James Tissot (1836-1902)

Found on the beautiful pages of ensemble5 - a visit to her pages is highly recommended (and so is clicking her tag at the top of this post!)

(The linked page is a great art resource, BTW... click the palette below if you would like to see a list of more art sites featured on my pages.)

This is simply one of the best art resources on the Internet.

"Trivium is an online art history book, an ongoing project to catalog, crosslink, and make freely available artworks and information. Navigate through chapters and images using the left and right arrow keys, or swipe left and right on touch sensitive devices."

Well worth visiting.

From the page:

This young barn owl is one in a million after being born with a rare genetic condition that has made her feathers jet black.

Sable, who is two years old, suffers from melanism, a 100,000-to-one gene mutation that makes her the exact opposite to an albino.

Dark-hued owls are normally killed at birth by their confused mothers but Sable was born in captivity and so she survived, meaning she is one of only three in existence in Britain.


This is the current avatar of Toetie, a lady from the Netherlands (and another SU refugee) whose pages are filled with great art.

Untitled picture © by the British artist Mary Jane Ansell

"Sic Transit Gloria" by contraomnes

Image by Yana Moskaluk

Holyfingers (Nick) had some very fine StumbleUpon pages, and now he has an equally fine blog on Tumblr (from which these examples are taken). Nick posts relatively infrequently (he goes for quality not quantity), but has great art on his site - don't miss it!

[Click the 'holyfingers' tag at the top of this post for more posts about Nick]

"Butterfly" by Andy Warhol

Click the picture for a great on-line resource for this artist.

"A complete catalogue of all works of art in this program is accessible through the indexes on this screen. You may search the entire program by artist, by medium, or by date.

"Searching through these indexes will take you to images of each work of art selected and to other works of art by the same artist, to information about many of the works, to biographies of all artists represented in the program, and to the Learning Activities associated with selected works of art, including all images appearing on the Timeline."

A superb art resource, giving access to 150 years of American art from The Phillips Collection. Thanks to Diana for this one!

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[American Gallery: Greatest American Painters]

"The Flying Cloud" (1926) by Montague Dawson

"Evening Light at the Port of Camaret" (1892) by Charles Cottet

Ceanna had what was probably the best art gallery on SU, which was where I found the two paintings above, together with Ceanna's usual excellent summary of each. The good news is that she is now here on Categorian (as Ceara)!

One of my favourite landscapes by Camille Pissarro

My kind of place... and this is a great art web site, too.

There is so much more to this site than the title suggests!

From the intro:

"RedBubble is a forum for self expression, an inclusive art gallery and a supportive and welcoming community...

"The RedBubble community exists to challenge the elitism of the traditional art world."

Among other things, RedBubble is a place to easily find many great photos and paintings. You can search RedBubble for images with any characteristics you want, e.g. the following:

nature fog water lake boat light sunrise sunset wildlife still-life

abstract bubbles crystals fractals

people portraits glamour children

France Provence Italy Tuscany Umbria Switzerland

oil acrylic pastel watercolour watercolor stained-glass

You won't actually find a list like this at RedBubble. These are searches I thought up that produce good results for me (they open in a separate window, just close it when you're done). If (like me) you're new to RedBubble, why not try a few of these and then "roll your own"?

Note that RedBubble no longer has an "advanced search", but you can search for two or more tags separated by spaces, which it treats as an 'AND' combination.