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Jessie Willcox Smith - Vintage Book Illustrations

“I Love My Little Cat”

(click the image for I AM A CHILD - children in art history, a wonderful art resource for childhood)

“The Seven Ages of Childhood:
5. Then the Scholar, With Eyes Severe and Hair of Formal Cut”

(click the image to read a scanned online copy of the original vintage book!)

Jessie Willcox Smith, according to Wikipedia, “was a prominent female illustrator in the United States during the Golden Age of American illustration and ‘one of the greatest pure illustrators’”.

Thanks to Gatorindo (David) and ensemble5 for these!

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© Mary Engelbreit Enterprises, Inc.

Mary Engelbreit is a graphic artist and children's book illustrator who launched her own magazine, Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion in 1996. She writes:

“This is a variation of a card I did years ago for the St. Louis Art Museum. It featured a bench that is in the museum's fabulous collection (although I embellished this one a little!)”

Another great share by Sandy (overthetrail) (Sandy is nowadays mostly on Facebook, but click her tag for many more nice things that I have snaffled from her).

If you like this, click the text above for more about Annie, and please visit Chaotiqual, from whose beautiful and interesting pages this comes.

Illustration Art

“Many talented illustrators develop a style, find an audience, and enjoy a long, successful career catering to that audience. But there is a special place in my heart for illustrators who take their initial success and re-invest it in new challenges. In my view, that's the highest use for success.”Gregory Manchess

Click the image to see Gatorindo's original post, one of literally thousands of great posts that he has produced over the years containing music, art, humour and so much more.

He has shared (and I have gratefully snaffled) some wonderful stuff, as you will see if you click his tag above.

Johanna Basford's work (see here) is well worth exploring.

Another item gratefully snaffled from the fine pages of batchbatcharak!

"Bearrr" by Leticia Reinaldo, a very talented Brazilian 3D modelling and texturing artist now living in Los Angeles

(BTW: you can spend hours on the Pondly site, a treasure trove for great images... worth taking time to check it out)

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[Lots more images by Leticia]

[...and if, like me, you have a weakness for bears, you might like these]

A site that promotes the best visual artists and graphic designers, and is a real treasure trove for fine images of all kinds.

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Yet another great share by Gatorindo.

The Quangle Wangle's Hat

Click the image for one of Gatorindo's many great posts, this one being a short musical version of Edward Lear's poem, together with a lot of the other good information that he always provides.

One of many fun illustrations by David Mottram - thanks, Yobaba!

(Yobaba's fine blog, BTW, features an entertaining view of right-wing US politics and religion that for me is somehow perfectly captured by "half-caf" and "regular"!)

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Prize-winning illustration by the Korean illustrator Jae-Hong Kim, whose other work is well worth checking out

Original illustration by E.H. Shepard for the chapter in Winnie-the-Pooh "In which Piglet is entirely surrounded by water"
...a feeling known to all too many people in the UK this year!

Two samples from the post Rainy Day Kids, from Shelley Davies & Julie Fortenberry's wonderful blog Children's Illustration, a treasure trove for those who love the magical ways in which children see the world.

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My older daughter worked in Sweden for several years, and brought home several delightful calendars produced by Bengt Elde. We also visited Stockholm one winter (a delightful place) and met Bengt Elde's wife at his studio.

Very little of Bengt's work appears online - I hope he doesn't mind me showing this one, which I like but is far from being his best work. His pictures have a unique fairy-tale appeal, and (being Swedish) sometimes have a little adult humour tucked away somewhere.

"Boltenharrers laboratory"

"Flying Rigmor"

"Rogerson and the Diving Bell"

A small sample of the wonderful work by Swedish illustrator Alexander Jansson

I found this artist on the pages of my friend Borderline, who has recently updated her really useful Categorian help information - don't miss it!

Untitled picture © by the British artist Mary Jane Ansell

"Sic Transit Gloria" by contraomnes

Image by Yana Moskaluk

Holyfingers (Nick) had some very fine StumbleUpon pages, and now he has an equally fine blog on Tumblr (from which these examples are taken). Nick posts relatively infrequently (he goes for quality not quantity), but has great art on his site - don't miss it!

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"Grandma", wonderful fantasy art by the illustrator Chase Stone

(Full size view recommended)

"Portrait of Chelsea"


Esao Andrews is a multi-talented artist who works exclusively in oil on wood panels. His work is sometimes comic, often surreal and dark. Not everything he does is to my taste, but I liked these in particular.

Thanks, expressioniste (Aline)!

One of many beautiful works by the Japanese artist Jun Kumaori (KMR) - thanks to Tortrix for this one!

"Black Moor" by =PinkParasol

Tortrix (Cat)'s SU blog has many beautiful, interesting, dark, strange and other things on her pages - one selection is not nearly enough to do her justice. On October 24th 2011 they will all disappear - luckily she has moved here and her new Pinterest home is no disappointment!

"Benzaiten", a fine art print by the Melbourne artist and illustrator Nadia Turner

("Benzaiten" is the Japanese name for the goddess Saraswati:

Goddess of Music, Poetry, Learning, & Art
River Goddess, Patron of Children, Protector of the Nation...
and a few other things!)

Thanks to Anne for this one!

"Rocking horse logic" - pencils, acrylics, Photoshop

"Cross bones style" - photomanipulation, Photoshop

Very imaginative artwork © by Sara Vandermeulen - thanks to tonesofhome for leading me to these.

"I Went to a Marvelous Party with Noonoo, Nada and Nell"

"The Touzie Tyke"

"St Cutherbert's Prayer (Detail)"

Some wonderful artistry by Kate Leiper (thanks, Alison!)

From the Red Dot Gallery:

"Creatures, great and small, are the focus of Kate Leiper's immaculate mixed media works in ink and pastel on a variety of papers.

"Using mythology, legend, poetry and ballad as her cue, Kate Leiper frequently casts the feathered or furry in character role. Sometimes at rest, in sleep or musing, these images convey a peace and certain contentment. Other times alert and bright of eye, ready.....

"Kate Leiper graduated in Aberdeen (BA Hons - Fine Art) in 1996, since then exhibiting her work in London and thoughout Scotland, gaining a loyal and enthusiastic following. The works she creates have a style all of their own, instantly recognisable, highly desirable.

"During travels in Canada (1997) the artist became involved in theatre set design and painting. The influence of this is evident in the extensive colour palette, design element and 'staging' of her work; rich materials and pattern frequently form the backdrop for the characters observed."