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Images © Stian Klo

Stian is a landscape photographer from Norway who grew up in Vesterålen and is now based in Harstad - two places that I would like to visit!

Stian's other work is well worth checking out.


Péruwelz ("Stone-water") is a very ancient municipality in the Walloon (French-speaking) Region of Belgium. It is built on the river Verne Noire (from Celtic Vernos, "a brook lined with alders") - more on the location here.

This nice image is another winner of one of's frequent photography theme contests, many of which are open to photographers of all abilities.

One of many beautiful photographic studies of ice by David Hirmes, a very interesting guy!

This is only one of many artistic treasures to be found on the pages of my friend louvain95, who hails from Belgium.

Louvain95 writes: "Peace and harmony are my favourite words and I try to ensure them around me (between people, between things). We brought up our now adult children along a river and discovered it creates a sense of community between neighbours - chatting on towpaths you know :). The river is a little miracle of changing beauty every morning and I love it, despite its (rare) flooding alerts."