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A live, exhilarating performance by Jesse Cook and friends, a medley of tracks from Jesse's album (and full video) The Rumba Foundation.

“The Rumba Foundation” (see the bottom of this post) is essentially a musical lesson in Rumba Flamenca, which could almost translate as “how to enjoy life”, and the various fusions around it.

Jesse Cook is not just an awesomely talented guitar player, but an ambassador for world music and an extraordinary team leader. He is Canadian, and it happens that my other favourite Rumba Flamenca artist, Govi, is a German who spent 8 years in India. Both of these people obviously have Latin deep in their souls!

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[The Rumba Foundation - Full Video (59 Minutes)]

This is the most charming and delightful video that I have watched in a long time.

Camille Roux writes: “Hello, with my little brother we realized a trumpet-guitar cover of a [female] French singer (we're french) : Joyce Jonathan - Ca ira.”

Enjoy it for the music and the wonderful antics of this lovely pair. Also, I recommend another of Camille's videos, C'est écrit.

If (like me) you have never heard of Joyce Jonathan, try her video Je ne sais pas - you won't be sorry!

Another of Gatorindo's many great shares (click his tag above for a lot more good stuff that I've had from him). Thanks again, David!

“Nima Dialla”, some really nice fusion music by a very talented ensemble - Bill Frisell (from the USA, one of the world's foremost jazz guitarists), Djelimady Tounkara (from Mali, one of Africa's foremost guitarists), Greg Leisz (American multi-instrumentalist, playing lap and pedal steel guitars, guitar and mandolin), Jenny Scheinman (American jazz violinist) and Sidiki Camara (from Mali, now lives in Norway, contemporary percussionist/composer), performing at London's Barbican Theatre.

Thanks (as so often, see his tag at the top of this post) to Gatorindo (David) for this one. Click the image to see his original post, and to play the video.

"Sayonara", beautiful harp guitar music from Don Alder - thanks, Bluesemotion!

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I really like Jesse Cook, and this is a particularly beautiful song with some beautiful images to go with it

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Delightful feel-good jazz, and a delightful feel-good video to go with it, from Inga Swearingen

Thanks to my friend David for sending me this one.

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"Torero", a beautiful Flamenco piece from the German guitarist Govi, in a video featuring some extraordinary and appropriate computer graphics. The music comes from Govi's album "Cuchama".

Thanks again to my friend bel-vedere (who sadly left SU) for this one!

(Original post: August 11th, 2009)

The young South Korean guitarist Sungha Jung, still only 12 years old, plays 'With or Without You' from 'U2 Medley' by Doyle Dykes

Sungha Jung says that his dream is to become a professional acoustic fingerstyle guitarist. Judging from this performance I would say that he has an excellent chance of realising his dream!

One of many good things to be found on the delightful pages of my friend dak2cool.

"Canadian rumba flamenco artist Jesse Cook has blended the exotic Spanish music form with elements of new age, jazz, and easy listening on his releases for Narada Records."

Simply glorious music, for rainy weather or any other time.

"Solitude" - a very nice still-life composition by Von McKnelly, an artistic photographer whose other work is well worth checking out.

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