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Greening the world's shipping fleets

Future sailing ship

In April 2018, shipping companies from 170 member states of the International Maritime Organization agreed to halve their greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

A study by a think tank of the OECD showed that an improved target of 95% reduction was potentially achievable by 2035, using “maximum deployment of currently known technologies”.

The study identified a number of short term, relatively low-tech solutions to reduce drag through the water, including pumping compressed air below the hull to create a friction-reducing carpet of bubbles.

The longer term solutions require entirely new ships, and some existing design proposals involving solar and wave power, computer-controlled sails and innovative fuel solutions are really neat, with several of these techniques already in use.

As is so often the case with green technology, all of these measures will reduce costs and improve
profits for the shipping companies - a win-win strategy.

Click the image above for an exceptionally good article from The Guardian, from which this information comes.

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