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Music by Jannis Zotos, Lyrics by Maria Polidouri. Maria Simoglou - vocal, Maria Anissegou - cello, Antonis Anissegos - piano. Live at the "B flat", Berlin

A beautiful piece of music, beautifully performed. Thanks to ensemble5 and Gatorindo (David) for this one!

"New Light", taken at Fira, Santorini by the Pembroke-based photographer Mark Robson, whose other work is well worth looking at

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"Anenomes in a Glass", a beautiful painting in acrylics by my friend Eftychia

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"Leda and the Swan", an acrylic painting by Thomas Andersen, inspired by this story from Greek mythology

Mykonos, Greece - Summer 2006

Just a few hundred yards from here, ahead and slightly to the left, is where Jason Bourne meets Marie again at the end of the movie "The Bourne Identity".

I got so fed up with our miserable weather that I went back and dug out some of my old photographs of Mykonos, taken on a very windy day in the summer of 2006, and tried to improve them as a learning exercise with Photoshop.

They certainly bring back some sunny memories!

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Fourteenth, who hails from Greece, has a beautiful and interesting view of life, which she makes you feel very welcome to share.

Among many delights to be found on her pages are her own photographs of places that she clearly loves - the first of these lovely examples was taken on the shores of the North Aegean Sea.

On her pages you will also find beautiful and interesting art, music, and thoughtful comments on all kinds of things. This is one of those blogs that has a very nice feel to it. Don't miss it!

"Images of an unknown land" by Giannis Lasithiotakis

"Landscape" by Anna Grigora

Some great examples of Greek contemporary art - an unexpected bonus from following up Santorini links in a previous post!

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The essence of a hot eastern Mediterranean summer, captured by Doug Dourgarian, who writes:

The technique you see on my art today is the result of years of experimenting and I call it Brush Stroke Photography because of the resemblance to hand painted media. All my camera work is digital and my "darkroom" is my computer. Often I'm asked if I use Adobe's Photoshop and I don't, but I do use about four other software products not nearly as well known but specially geared for my purposes. I hope you like my artwork as much as I enjoy creating it.

I found this picture (which is of Santorini) some time ago on the always-beautiful pages of expressioniste.