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Johanna Basford's work (see here) is well worth exploring.

Another item gratefully snaffled from the fine pages of batchbatcharak!

A site that promotes the best visual artists and graphic designers, and is a real treasure trove for fine images of all kinds.

(Click the palette for more good art sites.)

Yet another great share by Gatorindo.

"Courageous" by the Danish graphic designer Jonas Ranum Brand - gratefully snaffled from my friend Chaotiqual, whom I am delighted to say is now here on Categorian

This creative photo from The Design Inspiration is just one of many interesting and beautiful things that I have found on Deb's pages - thanks for this one! I found it on Deb's old StumbleUpon pages, I am delighted that she is now here on Categorian.

If you haven't done so already, do give Deb a visit. You'll be glad that you did.