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Fine work by the Algerian artist Faiza Maghni, whose other work is well worth checking out
(thanks to ThePhil51 and Gatorindo (David) for this one)

Jessie Willcox Smith - Vintage Book Illustrations

“I Love My Little Cat”

(click the image for I AM A CHILD - children in art history, a wonderful art resource for childhood)

“The Seven Ages of Childhood:
5. Then the Scholar, With Eyes Severe and Hair of Formal Cut”

(click the image to read a scanned online copy of the original vintage book!)

Jessie Willcox Smith, according to Wikipedia, “was a prominent female illustrator in the United States during the Golden Age of American illustration and ‘one of the greatest pure illustrators’”.

Thanks to Gatorindo (David) and ensemble5 for these!

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Some therapeutic reading (may be added to, newest first, check back...):

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and from my web site:

[The Shadow in the West - the full version]

“Smile for today”, one of many, many reasons to visit Gatorindo's fine pages

(Click his tag for more reasons!)

Illustration Art

“Many talented illustrators develop a style, find an audience, and enjoy a long, successful career catering to that audience. But there is a special place in my heart for illustrators who take their initial success and re-invest it in new challenges. In my view, that's the highest use for success.”Gregory Manchess

Click the image to see Gatorindo's original post, one of literally thousands of great posts that he has produced over the years containing music, art, humour and so much more.

He has shared (and I have gratefully snaffled) some wonderful stuff, as you will see if you click his tag above.

“Facebook Update” © by the wildlife photographer Marsel van Oosten, whose other work (as that of other photographers featured on the page) is well worth checking out.

Another great share from Gatorindo (David) (I really recommend clicking his tag above, as well as visiting his pages).

Gatorindo writes:

“Great art site full of prints and etchings from all over the world with comments and facts about the works - lots of stuff to see and use here...”

For an example of what you might find here, see my next post.

Thanks again, David!

(BTW, this site is written mostly in English, but a few parts are in Dutch. If you didn't know already: the Chrome browser is great for viewing pages in foreign languages, since it has an automatic translation facility.)

A site that promotes the best visual artists and graphic designers, and is a real treasure trove for fine images of all kinds.

(Click the palette for more good art sites.)

Yet another great share by Gatorindo.

Electrosynthetic Fruit

“This is a really fascinating website, it shows the connection with food and history (past, present, and future) and it is surprising how these connections work themselves out. Some things are so amazing that you will do what I did, saying "Really?" and "No Kidding?" and things like that.

“I thought you might be interested in this...
   —from Gatorindo

Interesting is not a strong enough word for it... the variety of topics is incredibly rich. I could spend hours and hours on this site.

Thanks, David - for this one and so many others!

This is the most charming and delightful video that I have watched in a long time.

Camille Roux writes: “Hello, with my little brother we realized a trumpet-guitar cover of a [female] French singer (we're french) : Joyce Jonathan - Ca ira.”

Enjoy it for the music and the wonderful antics of this lovely pair. Also, I recommend another of Camille's videos, C'est écrit.

If (like me) you have never heard of Joyce Jonathan, try her video Je ne sais pas - you won't be sorry!

Another of Gatorindo's many great shares (click his tag above for a lot more good stuff that I've had from him). Thanks again, David!

This is a wonderful, surreal animation by Cordell Barker, presented by the National Film Board of Canada. The spiky social-commentary humour reminds me a little of Sylvain Chomet's "Belleville Rendezvous" (Les Triplettes de Belleville) (I describe some of Sylvain's work here on my Movies web page, if you are interested).

I owe this gem, as so many others, to one of Gatorindo (David)'s many great shares - this one, in fact. Well worth reading!

The Quangle Wangle's Hat

Click the image for one of Gatorindo's many great posts, this one being a short musical version of Edward Lear's poem, together with a lot of the other good information that he always provides.

“Nima Dialla”, some really nice fusion music by a very talented ensemble - Bill Frisell (from the USA, one of the world's foremost jazz guitarists), Djelimady Tounkara (from Mali, one of Africa's foremost guitarists), Greg Leisz (American multi-instrumentalist, playing lap and pedal steel guitars, guitar and mandolin), Jenny Scheinman (American jazz violinist) and Sidiki Camara (from Mali, now lives in Norway, contemporary percussionist/composer), performing at London's Barbican Theatre.

Thanks (as so often, see his tag at the top of this post) to Gatorindo (David) for this one. Click the image to see his original post, and to play the video.

The beautiful voice of Cesária Évora, who died a year ago at the age of 70 in her native Cape Verde

One of many great shares by Gatorindo - thanks, David!

"Surviving Winter" by Amy Bennett

Thanks to Gatorindo (David) for finding this picture, and to bristol3 (Sharon) for tracking down the artist!

(Two people whose pages are well worth visiting, BTW.)

A beautiful romantic jazz number from the Mexican singer-songwriter and actress Ximena Sariñana.

Another wonderful share from Gatorindo (David) - if you click the image you will be taken to his own post, where you can read more information and play the video.

"Hope", directed and choreographed by Lionel Hun, in a performance inspired by his experiences in the Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami, with music by Olivier Milchberg (who also played and appeared in Cirque du Soleil)

A wonderful share from Gatorindo (David) - if you click the image you will be taken to his own post, where you can read more information and play the video.

A happy Korean pop-jazz foot-tapper, one of many delights in the fabulous music collection of Gatorindo (David)

Music by Jannis Zotos, Lyrics by Maria Polidouri. Maria Simoglou - vocal, Maria Anissegou - cello, Antonis Anissegos - piano. Live at the "B flat", Berlin

A beautiful piece of music, beautifully performed. Thanks to ensemble5 and Gatorindo (David) for this one!

A picture of the American jazz singer-songwriter Melody Gardot from the cover of her second album My One and Only Thrill

I was introduced to Melody (as to so much other good music) by Gatorindo (David), who shared a video of a track from this album called The Rain. If you haven't heard Melody before, try listening to this one.

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"Wild Mountainside" by the Scottish singer-songwriter Eddi Reader MBE

One of many, many treasures to be found in Gatorindo's fabulous and wonderfully-documented music collection. Thanks, David!

Great music from the English jazz composer and musician John Surman - thanks, Gatorindo (David)!

"Night and Day", a beautiful cool track by the Australian singer-songwriter Sarah Blasko, from her album
As Day Follows Night

One of many wonderful music shares from my friend Gatorindo (David).

A charming musical version of A.A. Milne's poem from Now We Are Six by singer-songwriter Melanie Safka,
sent to me by my friend Gatorindo (David)

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[The Hoose at Pooh's Neuk]

This wonderfully cheerful, bouncy song was sent to me by my friend Gatorindo (David), who wrote:

"Poppy but fun, and you can understand all of the words... note the chick doing the Robot--not a retro Robot, but really doing it... Debbie went on to do great things with that voice..."

If you haven't visited David's great pages, there is no time like the present... and you can see all of my Gatorindo snaffles if you click his tag above.

"The Old Hall Under Moonlight"

"Liverpool from Wapping"

"November Moonlight"

Works by John Atkinson Grimshaw (1836-93) - thanks to my friend David for the introduction!

From, an eclectic meeting place of people interested in science and invention. It's different - trust me!

This great post by David (I'm still laughing!) will give you some idea of his sense of humour (and his thoughts on some other subjects as well). His pages are interesting as well as funny and there are many treasures to be found there. A visit is highly recommended.

Delightful feel-good jazz, and a delightful feel-good video to go with it, from Inga Swearingen

Thanks to my friend David for sending me this one.

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