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Laice Wright (left) and Olivia Smith (right) stand in the former rubbish-strewn field which is now one of the country's biggest displays of annual wild flowers

Since buying the small estate of Barcroft Hall ten years ago, the Herricks have renovated the house and turned the 85-acre farm into a combination of formal gardens, wildlife areas, orchards, woodland and sustainable farmland.

Their latest project - the Field of Dreams - was inspired by visits to Kew Gardens, Table Mountain National Park and Kirstenbosch Gardens in Cape Town, South Africa.

They decided to turn an unsightly and rubbish-strewn field at the edge of their estate into one of the country's biggest displays of annual wild flowers from around the world...

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Thanks, anitab (Ani) (who likes the inspiration from South Africa).

English Lake District - April 29th, 2011

This April we spent 5 days in the English Lake District - for our 40th Wedding Anniversary! The weather (for this place and this time of year) was astonishing - almost unbroken sunshine, high 60's and then well into the 70's. Recent summers have been dreadful, and April has become a good time to visit (although in the Lake District, you have a whole lot of microclimates and nothing is guaranteed!).

Holehird Gardens, just north of Ambleside. Quiet, beautiful and free to visit (donations accepted!)

[Lake District visit continues in Part 2]