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We have had very variable weather in England. This was our communal garden on January 14th, after a spell of very windy weather brought down large branches from many old trees in our area. These branches were weakened by the wind in the night but actually fell in the morning when the wind had all but died down - glad I wasn't walking underneath!

Anyway, this was a cold, misty, frosty morning some time after this happened, on of the last nice days for quite a while... since then snow has come and gone, with air from Russia and temperatures down to 10 below freezing, and we're now having the mild Atlantic airstream again.

(You can probably tell that I'm way behind in my blogging... personal things to take care of.)

If you like this...

[More winter pics from the previous year...]

"Autumn Frost", a very fine photograph (which needs to be seen full size) by Alex Ugalnikov, whose other work is well worth checking out

Found on the excellent pages of Jerzee55sst (Jerry).

"New Year's Frost" by Gary McParland, a photographer from Co Armagh in Northern Ireland, who writes:

"Taken at sunrise on New Years Day. A lovely frost and a very calm and misty Camlough Lake."

Gary's other work is well worth checking out.
Winter (early) in England - December 15th, 2010

7th December... 5 degrees below freezing, misty...

... resulting in some interesting frost patterns!

It got less cold a few days later, but now (15th December) the arctic air is on its way down to us again...

[Cold front, November 16th]

Early morning with frost - February 2010

Early morning with frost still on the trees - the view from our apartment window

(If you are interested, this is an HDR image from two photos, separated by a sky mask/selection, with saturation increased in some selected areas... I was quite proud of this one!)

[Snow in the same place, December 2009]

Beautiful frost patterns by Marika, from - unfortunately she no longer seems to have a gallery there (I will keep looking)