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“Renewables + Energy Storage = The Future”

Actually, the future is arriving at ever-increasing speed.

The combination of plummeting prices for solar panels and rapid advances in large-capacity energy storage (batteries, flywheels and others) means that the chief obstacle to variable renewables (unpredictable wind and solar) is being removed.

Much (but by no means all) of the drive to the future is being led by Tesla, whether in homes with attractive solar roofs and domestic batteries (click the image for details)...

...or massive battery storage for power grid substations (click the images for details)

...while China is developing the use of flywheels for grid energy storage (click the image for details)
...and there is accelerating development of other forms of energy storage

Although Trump appears to be doing his best to destroy his (and our) environment, by what appears to be vindictive, greedy and counter-productive stupidity, he is losing his attempts in the face of the enlightened self-interest and common sense of many states and cities, a recent example being the Kentucky coal company that plans to build the state’s largest solar farm, employing former coal miners.

As Dylan wrote and sang, the times they are a-changin'.

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