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“All the Colours of the Rainbow - Solar Phlox” by Claudia Shifferova, whose other work is well worth checking out

The world is horrified by the coming to pass of everything that Trump and the GOP stand for.

I can do nothing but send you flowers, and a reminder that there IS a good world to be enjoyed, unlikely as it seems right now.

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It may cheer you up.

Be well.

“Winter Time”

I woke up one day after a power snooze on the sofa (to recover from the rigours of getting up) and the low light coming through the blinds was just catching my spouse's artificial-flower arrangement.

Just thought it looked nice, so I grabbed my phone!

Beautiful art by Chen Huimin

Thanks yet again for this one (and for being led to this great art resource) to ensemble5, and for all these other treasures that I have gratefully snaffled from her over the years.

“Hortensia” © by the Romanian photographer Radu Carp, whose other work is well worth exploring

(another treasure found on Jerry's fine pages)

If you like this, you will probably love these portfolios from Radu, as well as several others:

[Leaves and Colour]

“All the Colours of the Rainbow - Solar Phlox” by Claudia Shifferova, whose other work is well worth checking out

Found on the very nice pages of Raktazole (Danièla)

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[The Still Life category on]
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These gardens (near Philadelphia) look like a great place to visit. For those who can't make it (like me) their web site is a particularly attractive second-best.

Thanks again to my friend overthetrail (the other Sandy) for this one!

(She hasn't posted here much for a while, but click her overthetrail tag to see some really nice stuff that she has sent my way over the years.)

"Sweet Dawn" by Diane Varner - from her Daily Walks along the Northern California coastline and mountain trails
(seascapes, landscapes, insects, animals, found objects and macro images)

One of many fine things to be found on the pages of batchbatcharak.

Majorca, September 2012

Click the picture if you would like to see a post about our recent visit to the south-west coast of Majorca

"Monet’s Water Garden in the Rain", photographed at Giverny by Robert Mack

Channel 5 recently screened a restored version of Disney's animated version of "Robin Hood". It was a very long time since I had last seen it, and I had forgotten what an entertaining movie it is (in spite of importing lots of Americana into Sherwood Forest and recycling so much from Disney's "The Jungle Book"!). It's actually one of my Disney favourites.

It features some nice songs, and artwork like this. It happened that I paused the movie on this frame when my spouse returned with a friend from an afternoon's shopping. When the friend noticed it she thought it was a nice screensaver. Guessing what movie it came from would be quite tricky, I think!

"Desert Bloom", nice desktop wallpaper obtained from here

Nature versus progress...

From the page:

A photo of desert blooms with much of the proposed project site in the background. The creosote bush scrub habitat is home to a robust tortoise population, and one of the last remaining pockets of a rare desert plant known as the white-margined beardtongue...


"Beauty of November" by the Russian photographer Ksenia Sinyavina, whose other work is well worth checking out

[Ksenia's home page]

A lovely painting by Nancy Macek, whose other work is well worth checking out

(snaffled gratefully from ToeTagJaneDoe (Sofie)'s fine pages)

From the page:

Laice Wright (left) and Olivia Smith (right) stand in the former rubbish-strewn field which is now one of the country's biggest displays of annual wild flowers

Since buying the small estate of Barcroft Hall ten years ago, the Herricks have renovated the house and turned the 85-acre farm into a combination of formal gardens, wildlife areas, orchards, woodland and sustainable farmland.

Their latest project - the Field of Dreams - was inspired by visits to Kew Gardens, Table Mountain National Park and Kirstenbosch Gardens in Cape Town, South Africa.

They decided to turn an unsightly and rubbish-strewn field at the edge of their estate into one of the country's biggest displays of annual wild flowers from around the world...

Click either picture for more.

Thanks, anitab (Ani) (who likes the inspiration from South Africa).

(Original post: August 7th, 2011)

I have just updated my Italy web page, which has information and/or links about our favourite places there (which include the Italian Lakes, Tuscany and Umbria).

"Shoreham Lavender" copyright by Derek Hansen

Shoreham in Kent, England is noted for its lavender production - see here

"Summer Dreams"

"Flowered Corner"

Beautiful colours from photographer/artist Eva Mariza

"Anenomes in a Glass", a beautiful painting in acrylics by my friend Eftychia

If you like this...

[Some contemporary Greek art]
[Mykonos on a very windy day]

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"Gentle Light III"

"Blue in the garden"

Two beautiful pictures by the excellent and prolific nature photographer Callu

Sunflowers, a lovely still-life picture by Avrora

"Dreamed Brook"
Interstate 495, Littleton, Massachusetts

"Milkweed II"
Granby, Connecticut

"Song Of The Earth"
Littleton, Massachusetts

Some wonderful photography of New England by John Wawrzonek

A beautiful untitled still-life by Cheshenov

"Blue Delphiniums" by Alexi Zaitsev

"Indian Summer" by Alexi Zaitsev

Summer can seem like a long way away... but not when I look at these beautiful paintings.