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Two lovely examples of Serge Marshennikov's paintings of beautiful women, which include many very fine nudes

Thanks to blacksock for discovering this artist for me!

“Summer Pastoral” by the British Columbia-born Canadian artist Don Li-Leger, whose other work is well worth exploring

One of many treasures to be found on the fine pages of Jerzee55sst - thanks, Jerry!

Thanks to my friend Ceara for this beauty from Rob Hefferan

If you like this...

[You might like the romantic tag - just a suggestion!]

"Lazy Sunday Afternoon With a Glass of California Chardonnay" by Alexander Orlov, a Russian artist who died in 1979

Thanks, Jerzee55sst (Jerry) (lots more good stuff on his pages!)

"Aux beaux jours, 1889" by Jules-Alexis Muenier (1863-1942)

One of many beautiful works of art to be found (among other things) on the fine pages of Toetie.

"Close to Home" by the ever-popular Pino Daeni, born Giuseppe Dangelico and often known simply as Pino, who died on May 25th, 2010

© by Lelik Francuz

The best way of curing insomnia that I know!

Thanks to (of course) johnshaven (Alison) for this one.

Wonderful photography © by the Russian photographer and artist Anka Zhuravleva

I found Anka here on the beautiful pages of SansMots.

Peregrine Heathcote (born in London in 1973) paints a world of the past in which both travel and women were truly glamorous.
I really like the best of his work - this picture, for example, and also this.

Untitled picture © by the British artist Mary Jane Ansell

"Sic Transit Gloria" by contraomnes

Image by Yana Moskaluk

Holyfingers (Nick) had some very fine StumbleUpon pages, and now he has an equally fine blog on Tumblr (from which these examples are taken). Nick posts relatively infrequently (he goes for quality not quantity), but has great art on his site - don't miss it!

[Click the 'holyfingers' tag at the top of this post for more posts about Nick]

When the weather is like this... the only thing is to enjoy it!

A nice image by "alibi", a photographer from Budapest, Hungary who has only just started publishing his work (at least, as far as I can find).

If you like this...

["Summer Rain" by WWWest]

"Conversations in the Garden of Luxembourg" by Vittorio Matteo Corcos

I found this on Jonie's delightful SU pages. Jonie, who hails from Spain, also has a very attractive art blog - don't miss it! And if you click on the above image, you'll be taken to yet another good art blog that she led me to.

Three reviews for the price of one, as it were...

(Sadly, as of August 2015, Jonie's links have gone - but click her tag above.)

"Chromatella", an oil painting by the illustrator and concept artist Sergio Lopez, whose other work is well worth exploring

(This particular image will be found in his "Painted Roses" portfolio, which you can find if you click the above picture and then select page 2 near the bottom left...there's no direct link!)

Very nice romantic photography by Petrova Julia.N - one of many beautiful things to be found on the pages of NotAlone (Danie)

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[A beauty seated at a piano, by Rob Heffernan]

"The Future"


"Crossing the Medway"

"Against a Crumbling Wall"

Fine oil paintings by the Nova Scotian artist Paul Kelley, with an amazing attention to detail

(I have seen Nova Scotia many times, but only from an altitude of something like 31,000 feet... I always wondered what was down there...)

A beautiful untitled pastel by Vicente Romero - one of many beautiful things to be found on sezlez369 (Les)'s fine pages

"Club Penguin" by the Canadian artist Mark Heine (really needs to be seen full size)

"La Tache de Safi. 2007, oil on canvas" by the Hungarian hyper-realistic artist Istvan Sandorfi, who died in 2007

Found on the wonderful pages of fourteenth

"QiQi by the Door"

"The Cellist"

Nice work by the modern Chinese painter Zhao Kailin - thanks, Catcaley!



Some beautiful work by Hu Jundi

From this page:

Hu Jundi was born in 1962 in Juilin Province, China. He graduated from Sichuan Fine Art Institute in 1984. Hu's work has been exhibited and collected in China and other Asian countries as well as in Europe and America.

His work is different from the oil paintings that we often see. His brilliance is in the harmonious blend of traditional Chinese brushwork with the unmatched depth of oils. His paintings are completely Chinese, with colors of the Sichuan environment...

He paints elegant, serene and beautiful Sichuan women. The attire is classical Sichuan Chinese, but there is an appeal that goes beyond...


Thanks to endtimes for introducing me to this artist.

If you like this...

[The work of Feng Chang Jiang]

"Peregrine Heathcote's paintings conjure a world of intoxicating glamour and intrigue, slipping across the boundaries of time to fuse iconic pre-war design with modern conceptions of beauty and silverscreen-era romance."

I snaffled this gratefully from Les's extraordinarily beautiful SU pages, where treasure is to be found no matter where you look.

Thankfully, Les is now here on Categorian!

"Love Train #3"

"Love Train #2"


Some very nice fashion photography by Kenvin Pinardy - thanks to Chaotiqual for leading me to him!

An example of the beautiful work of Anke Merzbach, a female photoartist from Bremen, Germany

Check out more of this artist's work - it's stunningly good

I found this gem on the delightful pages of Terrec. It took a long time to find the name of the artist and one of its original locations, but it was worth it if only because the original image filename contained the text Amelie's Welt (Amelie's World), which turns out to be one of the nicest blogs (mostly a photoblog) that I have encountered in a long time.

(When I find out where Terrec has moved to, I'll update this!)

"Izabella and the Pot of Basil" by John White Alexander

Field-Daisy has one of the most (literally) delightful blogs that I have found so far on SU.

"Beauty" is an over-worked word, but you could apply it to any of the images, thoughts and poetry that fill her pages.

In addition, she really cares about the quality of what she does - click the image for just one example.

A visit to her pages is strongly recommended.

(When I find out where she has moved to, I'll update this!)

"Quiet Repose" by Steve Hanks

One of the many delights always to be found on the pages of Njoistumblin

(When I find out where she has moved to, I'll update this!)

"Velvet Dress", a fine drawing by the Oregon-based artist Michael W Ford, whose other work is well worth checking out

Gratefully snaffled from the always-beautiful pages of my friend Chaotiqual

Farewell to Rita (Succes) - August 12th 2010

"Never Morning Wore to Evening but Some Heart Did Break" by Walter Langley

This was one of Rita's last posts. I heard the heart-breaking news today from Sharon that Rita (whom you may know as Succes or Renée) has passed away. People have lost a good friend, and SU has lost one of its best Stumblers.

On October 24th, 2011 Rita's SU blog, which her friends will feel is a kind of memorial of her, was trashed by SU. Before that happened I saved her last 117 pages, from August 30th 2009 until her last post on June 21st, 2010, to my local hard drive.

I will occasionally repost some of her stuff on my Categorian blog (with tag succes), and if you were a friend of Rita's and would like a copy of what I have saved, just let me know.

Some other surviving SU farewells to Rita that I have found since (which may sadly time-expire also)...

[From Johnshaven]
[From Druidgirl]
[From Expressioniste]

If you know of others please let me know (and apologies for any mislaid).

"May I Have One Too" by Emile Munier (1840-1895), a student of William-Adolphe Bouguereau

"Calinerie" [A Little Coaxing] by William-Adolphe Bouguereau (1825-1905)

Thanks to Njoistumblin for finding these for me!

An untitled work by Ludmila Curilova, an artist born in Moldova who now lives in Canada

"Two Girls With An Oleander (detail)" by Gustav Klimt

I came across this wonderful painting in a huge book about the artist provided to visitors to the "Spirit of Klimt" room at Blackwell, the Arts & Crafts House in the English Lake District.

If you like Klimt...

[Gustav Klimt Virtual Museum]
[More Gustav Klimt links]

Extraordinarily graceful and beautiful paintings by the contemporary Chinese artist Feng Chang Jiang

Artist found in the wonderful art collection of artisthaven - many thanks!

A memory of magical summer days, long ago...
"On the stile" by Winslow Homer

(from the National Gallery of Art's Winslow Homer collection, a great resource for this artist

Ceanna's pages on StumbleUpon (until October 24th 2011, when SU will effectively tear them down) are a truly wonderful art gallery, where each item that you see is accompanied by full and painstakingly assembled information.

Here is just one item from her vast and varied collection.

The Goldsmith Ladies At Bois de Boulogne in a Peugeot, 1897 - Julius Stewart

Update: the good news is that Ceanna is now here on Categorian!

Wonderfully artistic photography by August Bradley

A small excerpt from the excellent biographical details for August Bradley provided on this site:

"I was increasingly drawn to crafting scenes out of my imagination," Bradley explains of his early transition from adventure and sports photography to a more fantastical subject matter. "I wanted to create stories, rather than capture events unfolding before me. I've always been a big reader, and I've found that there's every bit as much truth and insight in the best literary fiction as in nonfiction works. I try to bring a literary sensibility to my graphic images. My work has been influenced as much by authors such as Thomas Pynchon and David Foster Wallace as by any photographer."

If you're familiar with the works of Pynchon and Wallace, then you expect a densely nuanced twist on the typical photographic fare. Sure enough, Bradley's images are often surreal and conceptual--as much illustrations as photographs...

Thanks again to my friend Alison for introducing me to this great photographer.

(Original post: September 28th, 2008)

[Lake District visit continued from above]

This is a view of Sawrey, between Windermere and Esthwaite Water, as painted by Beatrix Potter. The fact that so much of the Lake District is unspoilt is due in no small part to her using the proceeds of her famous children's books to acquire large areas of working farmland, in order to preserve them in their original use.

"Hill Top" near Sawrey was bought by Beatrix as her personal retreat. Even after marrying William Heelis this was her private place for herself alone, and in her will she instructed the National Trust to keep it exactly as she left it - it was to have no other personal use.

Hill Top Farm, not open to visitors, adjacent to Hill Top

The entrance to...

...the world's most famous vegetable patch!

Inside the house, apart from Beatrix's own work, the rooms have many paintings and illustrations that Beatrix acquired from other people, including a couple of illustrations by Randolph Caldecott (1846-86) illustrating the nursery rhyme "Sing A Song Of Sixpence". This one is "The Fowler's Snare".

Another painting hanging in Hill Top is "Two Girls On A Jetty" by George Dunlop Leslie (1835-1921)

"Apple Dumplings" by George Dunlop Leslie - this one isn't hanging in Hill Top but I'm sure that Beatrix would have liked it!

[Location of Hill Top on my England Map]

[Lake District visit continues below]



"Guitar Man"

Wonderful naturalistic paintings by Morgan Weistling

"...Morgan studied art at an early age with his father, a former art student. His parents both met at art school. His father, Howard, a POW in Germany, entertained his fellow American prisoners in Stalag 1 with a daily comic strip that he created and drew to keep morale up. Drawn on scraps of paper found on the prison grounds, he crafted a humorous world of characters that managed to bring a smile to imprisoned soldiers. In the last days of the war and feeling the Russians would be coming, his talents with painting saved his life. Using some paints supplied by the Geneva Convention, he painted a American Flag on the shoulder of his prisoner uniform so that the Russians invading Germany would identify him and not shoot him. It worked..."

More bio details...

Thanks to my friend overthetrail (Sandy) for introducing me to this artist.

"Autumn Leaves"

"A Room With A View"

"A Chance Meeting"

Some nice work by Alexei Butirskiy. I like the light effects.

Limited Edition Archival Prints by Ian Sanderson

Thanks to my friend expressioniste for introducing me to this great photographer.

"Early Paperwork" - early morning in a public park, China

"Pastel Boats" - a grouping of boats on a lake in China

Some fine work by Martin Mullen.


"Sisters and a book"

"Memory of that house"

Some great work by Iman Maleki, an Iranian artist who paints modern scenes of his country
with what seems to me like more than a touch of an old Dutch master.

I sent this to my friend persiana (Shireen), who wrote back with this very interesting information:

"He's a wonderful painter :) Some months ago a friend, Saline, wrote me that Iran has a larger than life painter in Maleki. I, too, think his paintings are full of vibrancy and life, yet in an incredibly muted style....

"Of course many of his paintings reflect real life scenes. So they are not just life like. For instance, "Composing music secretly" shows master singer Shajarian, tar player Alizadeh and others. Iranians love these musicians. Then the painting "Emigrant" shows Afghans who fled their country to Iran in millions over decades, but never granted citizenship and being returned back currently. "Fishmonger" reflects scenes before the New Year. The goldfish is one of the seven articles set on our new year tables. My favorite is "Omens of Hafez" which is what Iranians do to find inspiration, guidance in good or bad times. Hafez poems are consulted as an oracle in Iran and many other places where people were historically connected to the culture. That's what I meant by his paintings being full of life and vibrancy."

Thanks, Shireen!

"Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose", a painting by John Singer Sargent with a wonderfully luminous quality.