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If you like this, click the text above for more about Annie, and please visit Chaotiqual, from whose beautiful and interesting pages this comes.

A lovely image © by the multi-talented Vietnamese photographer and artist Duong Quoc Dinh,
whose other work is well worth checking out

Gratefully snaffled from Jerzee55sst (Jerry), on whose fine pages you can find his own poetry and many other beautiful things.

Jean Shrimpton excellently portrayed by Karen Gillan (with an equally good performance from the Welsh actor Aneurin Barnard as the cocky, in-your-face David Bailey)

Extract from Wikipedia (the links are mine):

Shrimpton was once engaged to photographer David Bailey. They met in 1960 at a photo shoot that Shrimpton, who was then an unknown model, was working on with photographer Brian Duffy for a Kellogg's corn flakes advertisement.

Duffy told Bailey she was too posh for him, but Bailey was undeterred, and he and Shrimpton subsequently had a relationship for four years, ending in 1964...

Shrimpton has stated she owed Bailey her career, and he is often credited for discovering her and being influential in her career.

In turn, she was Bailey's muse, and his photographs of her helped him rise to prominence in his early career. Shrimpton's other celebrated romance was with actor Terence Stamp.

She married photographer Michael Cox in 1979 at Penzance register office when she was four months pregnant with their son Thaddeus (born in 1979). They own the Abbey Hotel in Penzance, Cornwall, now managed by Thaddeus and his family...

More about the Abbey Hotel in my previous post below.

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My wife and I have noted this for the next time that we're visiting Cornwall, as a wonderfully dog-friendly hotel.

It is also the home of Jean Shrimpton's family - see the next post above.

If you like this...

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I was looking for a picture like this (me feeling autumnal and all) and found it using a feature of Google Image Search that I hadn't noticed before. Using options that appear on the left after your initial selection comes up, you can select the predominant colour you are looking for (in this case brown) and image search will sort pictures with that predominant colour to the front. You can also select a minimum size picture you are looking for, and (if you go into advanced options) the aspect ratio also (in this case 'wide', meaning landscape instead of portrait).

(Bruno Dayan is noted for his sensual fashion photography, used to advertise brands like Louis Vuitton and Yves Saint Laurent.)

An uncharacteristic (and artistically fine) image from the highly successful fashion photographer Bruno Dayan

"Romance d'automne" by Evgenia Karica (elle-cannelle)

(and a poem with that title here)

Found on the always-beautiful pages of my friend chaotiqual.

"Love Train #3"

"Love Train #2"


Some very nice fashion photography by Kenvin Pinardy - thanks to Chaotiqual for leading me to him!

(Original post: July 10th, 2008)

The beautiful Israeli model Bar Refaeli, photographed in Jamaica by the Canadian fashion, art and music photographer Raphael Mazzucco (whose other work is well worth checking out). Fans of swimsuit models will probably like the original Bar Refaeli photoshoot and the rest of the same site!

"Desert Rose", by Nusha Amini (~Negshin)

These are just two of many beautiful images that you will find on the delightful SU pages of artistrybysandy (Sandy). Sandy doesn't post actual pictures (at least, she hasn't so far) but her pages are a treasure-trove of pointers to great pictures, interesting scientific stuff and much more, all reflecting her lovely personality.

(When I find out where Sandy has moved to, I'll update this!)

Anna Kukhareva, photographed by Alena Nikiforova (Chayhana)

One of many beautiful images to be found on the pages of Indigorock

Geoff Barrenger

True beauty, beautifully captured by fashion photographer Geoff Barrenger

Sometimes I know where a picture is to be found on-line, but I don't know who the author is. This time, owing to a failure in my filing system, it's the other way around!

A stunningly beautiful model, beautifully photographed for Enrique Muthan by Geoff Barrenger

Thanks so much to tutto for this one.