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"Girlfriends" by Natalia Kolyadyuk (a wildlife and nature photographer whose other work is well worth checking out)

"Dog Heart" (probably not a good translation) by Elena Shovkoplyas, whose other work is well worth looking at

I have seen this wonderful picture before, but unfortunately only in posts that were linked to the original image (which doesn't identify the author), rather than being linked to the web page containing the image (which does identify the author). It took me several hours to track down the photographer, using every search technique I could think of.

Eventually, by going through page after page of Children's World, one of my favourite categories on, I came across a photo that seemed to have the same style as the one I was looking for. Unlike many previous such guesses, I was lucky this time!

The time wasn't wasted - I came across a lot of other good stuff in the search, not least all the other good work that Elena Shovkoplyas has done.

(BTW, if you didn't know already: the Chrome browser is great for viewing pages in foreign languages, since it has an automatic translation facility.)

My wife and I have noted this for the next time that we're visiting Cornwall, as a wonderfully dog-friendly hotel.

It is also the home of Jean Shrimpton's family - see the next post above.

If you like this...

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"Rainbow eye", a remarkable photo of a dog's eye by the German artist Skia (she doesn't rate it highly herself, but I disagree!)

I recently watched a local news programme about a small girl with diabetes, whose life has been saved at least once by her "Bio-Detection" dog. The dog's nose is sensitive enough to detect the onset of a coma before it occurs, and the dog is trained to alert the girl and her family.

The ability of dogs to detect certain forms of cancer is also known, but the full extent of their capabilities is still being researched.

Charities supporting this work, Cancer Dogs and Hypoalert Dogs, have combined forces and you can now follow their activities here on Facebook.

This seems to me like a cause well worth supporting.

(Original post: October 23rd, 2008)

This is Milo, a delightful new addition to our family...

After we lost our previous Cavalier Tessa, my wife finally decided that the place was too quiet without a dog! Milo was 14 months old when we got him - in a way, he is a rescue dog. His first family split up, and returned him to the breeder. He settled in with us perfectly - it must have been very hard for the previous owners to give him up.

Milo in my sister-in-law's garden (in late September), fascinated by the avian goings-on above his head...

Our first Cavalier once accidentally treed a cat, and did a Snoopy-dance under the tree for several minutes, ears flapping, barking vociferously (being totally ignored by the cat, of course). Milo is much calmer, although he is convinced that one day he will find a way to get to grips with those pesky critters endowed with unfair vertical mobility (particularly our black squirrels).

Laugh it up, you guys... I'll work it out one day...

A very long time ago, one of our daughters jokingly tacked a sign to our bedroom door that read:
"We're Only Staying Together Because Of The Dog"...

Our dear pet Tessa died suddenly on March 12th, 2008...

She was an affectionate friend and companion for 10 great years...

Cavalier King Charles spaniels, unlike their bigger relations, are bred to go after cushions and marrowbone snacks rather than game birds, but our dog would always march home with a stick, deposited regretfully somewhere near our front door.

Epping Forest, one of her favourite walking spots.

Tessa The Snow Dog

It's a tough life being loved by everyone!

Nobody does "resigned" like a Cavalier King Charles...

She gave Sam (left), a would-be friend, such a hard time...

We still miss her very much.

The French say it differently (and better): "She will be missing from us" - and she will.


Farewell my friend, you brightly shone
We won't forget you now you've gone

You're in our hearts, forever dear
Precious lady, Cavalier

Time may pass, but won't erase
Memories of the Blenheim days

I know you're out there in the sun
Chasing rabbits just for fun

Or else you hold a regal pose
Basking in the spot you chose

Underneath a shady tree
Like you used to sit with me.

-- from my daughter Rachel