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Amy Purdy (a link well worth following) dancing at the Rio Paralympics Opening Ceremony...

with a KUKA industrial robot...

in a stunning 3D-printed dress.

Their bring-the-house-down routine (including a samba from Amy that was able to wow Brazilians) suggested the theme of “disability meets technology”.

However, watching the athletes at Rio, and the many others all over the world that they inspire, we aren't seeing “disability” - just amazing ability.

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This delightful lady is (IMO) one of the UK's finest imports from Spain. Tamara Rojo, who is Principal Ballerina at the English National Ballet, has recently also been appointed its Artistic Director.

I saw her talking about her new role (which she manages to combine with dancing) on BBC's Breakfast show. Her bubbly, positive personality reminded me greatly of the beautiful Brazilian-French actress Bérénice Bejo, whose smile as Peppy Miller in that wonderful movie The Artist could brighten anyone's day.

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"Hope", directed and choreographed by Lionel Hun, in a performance inspired by his experiences in the Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami, with music by Olivier Milchberg (who also played and appeared in Cirque du Soleil)

A wonderful share from Gatorindo (David) - if you click the image you will be taken to his own post, where you can read more information and play the video.