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Lake Hallstatt (or Hallstätter See) in the Salzkammergut, Austria

Lake Sampaloc, an inactive volcanic maar on the island of Luzon, the Philippines

Lake Ohrid, straddling the mountainous border between southwestern Macedonia and eastern Albania,
one of Europe's deepest and oldest lakes

Thanks to Cyrion for this find!

No, it's not CGI, or a sign of the beginning of the end of the world, or something caused by clandestine radar experiments, or the result of a skydive from space...

From the page:

A fallstreak hole, also known as a hole punch cloud, punch hole cloud, skypunch, canal cloud or cloud hole, is a large circular or elliptical gap, that can appear in cirrocumulus or altocumulus clouds. Such holes are formed when the water temperature in the clouds is below freezing but the water has not frozen yet due to the lack of ice nucleation particles (see supercooled water). When ice crystals do form it will set off a domino effect, due to the Bergeron process, causing the water droplets around the crystals to evaporate: this leaves a large, often circular, hole in the cloud... More...

Thanks to Cyrion for this one... and click her tag at the top of this post if you want to see more of her great finds featured on these pages.

Sean Connery, photographed in 2003 by Albert Watson
(whose portrait of Steve Jobs replaced Apple's homepage when Jobs died)

Found on Cyrion's great pages.

"Venice" (which the artist says he drew from this photo by Monika)

"Milano - Santa Maria Nascente"

"Szczytno in the Rain"

Some of many beautiful watercolours by the Polish-resident artist Minh Dam

Found via this site recommended by Cyrion, who has so many beautiful things on her pages.

Some wonderful child portraits © by the Bulgarian amateur photographer Slavina Bahchevanova, whom I found on the always-beautiful pages of Cyrion

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"Starry Night Over the Rhone" by Vincent van Gogh - found on the always-beautiful pages of Cyrion

If you like this...

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"Moonlight on Mt. Fuji" (ca. 1920-1929) by Lilian May Miller (1895 - 1943)

Found on the always-beautiful SU pages of Cyrion

"Japanese Girls"


Some beautiful work by the Dutch artist Chrstiaan Lieverse

I was introduced to this artist a long time ago by Cyrion - many thanks!