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Untitled picture © Jean-Michel Priaux, a photographer who transforms landscapes into art with expert photomanipulation.
Click the image for many examples of his work (highly recommended).

Thanks once again to Chaotiqual for this one!

From the beautiful and uplifting pages of Chaotiqual:

which reminded me of this great song, which I always associate with the movie Sleepless in Seattle:

sung beautifully here by the Russian-born jazz vocalist Sophie Milman:

If you like this:

[Random acts of kindness (links)]
[Pay it forward (from my web page)]

"Courageous" by the Danish graphic designer Jonas Ranum Brand - gratefully snaffled from my friend Chaotiqual, whom I am delighted to say is now here on Categorian

"Romance d'automne" by Evgenia Karica (elle-cannelle)

(and a poem with that title here)

Found on the always-beautiful pages of my friend chaotiqual.

The Italian version... there are several others on the site...

Thanks to my friend Chaotiqual - I'm still laughing!

"Love Train #3"

"Love Train #2"


Some very nice fashion photography by Kenvin Pinardy - thanks to Chaotiqual for leading me to him!

(Original post: August 25th, 2010)

"Catching The Rain" by Steve Hanks

This is for my dear friend Chaotiqual, hoping that the rain stops soon

"Velvet Dress", a fine drawing by the Oregon-based artist Michael W Ford, whose other work is well worth checking out

Gratefully snaffled from the always-beautiful pages of my friend Chaotiqual

"Winter wish" by InertiaK

Yet another item gratefully snaffled from the beautiful pages of my friend chaotiqual

"Summer Rain" by WWWest

It often rains here, but somehow it isn't as enjoyable as this!

Thanks again to my friend chaotiqual, whose pages are always a delight to visit.

"Gone Fishing" by ~eapcat
Found on the always delightful pages of my friend chaotiqual

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"Queen for a Day" by the Estonian artist Kadri Umbleja

Gratefully swiped from the lovely pages of chaotiqual

If you like this...

["Elixir" by Melanie Delon]
["Healing" by Hyung Jun Kim]

"Winter Rain", a watercolour by Susan Adams

One of many interesting and beautiful items to be found on the pages of chaotiqual.