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“Exotic Shorthair Cat Breed”, photo by © by Bryant Wong

This image appeared in The Ultimate Cat Breeds List

A particularly nice Christmas video (particularly for cat lovers) - very little actual advertising, more about sharing at Christmas. It's worth watching full-screen, too (click any image to play - opens in a separate window).

There's a book to go with it in support of Save the Children's Children's Literacy Programme.

Thanks so much to ensemble5 for this one!

Thanks to ensemble5 for this one!

From the wonderful cartoon collection of moonshadow68 - don't miss the rest!

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Wonderful video of a cat concerto... The cat really is playing the piano - sure, the video has been edited, but not CGI'd - and a marvellous orchestral accompaniment added.

A real treat for music and/or cat lovers - don't miss it!

Thanks again to my younger daughter for this one!

A beautiful portrait © by the multi-talented Vietnamese photographer and artist Duong Quoc Dinh,
whose other work is well worth checking out

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["A Family Album Portrait" by Nadya Kulagina]

From the wonderful cartoon collection of moonshadow68 - don't miss the rest!

"Corsican Cats"

A rainy day in Corsica... and the local cats find a great way to spend it. Click the picture for the full story!

(It's been raining in England for what seems like forever - ever since drought warnings and the enforcement of a hosepipe ban....)

Sleepless nights...

I know the feeling... Wondering if I am ever going to get my StumbleUpon blog moved to Categorian in time...

"Splat the Cat", one of many delightful characters by Rob Scotton

"Corsican Cats"

My wife always insisted that she was not a cat person. The trouble is, cats don't know this.

2004 was the year she finally got busted, and it took Corsican cats to do it.

Corsica has a large population of feral cats, but there is a distinct sub-species of these that inhabits anywhere within a five mile radius of a self-catering villa (and that covers a lot of territory).

It wasn't long before our local cat found her. It ignored me. It headed straight for the person who didn't like cats.

Sigh... wasn't long before plates of cat food and other gourmet cat delicacies were mysteriously appearing outside the kitchen door, and that had nothing to do with me!

The word spread, and 3 years later when we returned to Corsica, only a few miles from our previous place, the local cat appeared within seconds...

As I say, this is a distinct sub-species of "feral"...

...and turned out to be the advance guard of a large family with ever-increasing ramifications.

The youngest members of the family weren't introduced until several days had gone by.

On the few rainy days when we were stuck indoors, we spent what seemed like hours watching this wild bunch of felines hang out on the beach towel (probably mine) that my cat-hating spouse had so kindly provided.

We have never felt the need to watch TV while staying in Corsica.

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