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By the River Ouse, near Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, Autumn 2021

Just across from our new home near Huntingdon is a huge park area along the river Ouse, which makes for delightful and easy walks.

Autumn, as always, is a delightful time of year for photography. What the pictures don't show is the rarity (or at least unreliability) of sunshine and lack of wind over the past weeks!

I may update this post from time to time...

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Two of many fine watercolours © by Stan Miller (reproduced here with kind permission)

“On Their Way” by Steven Hileman (click the image for more from the artist)

My second grateful snaffle in a row from Jerry's fine pages, but I couldn't resist the wonderful autumnal feel of this one.

“Waiting for the Train” (my title), very nice work © by the Polish photographer Adam Wawrzyniak

Thanks yet again for this one to Jerry, and for all these other treasures that I have gratefully snaffled from him over the years.

“Autumn Light” by Cathy Hillegas, whose other work is well worth exploring

Snaffled gratefully (as so many others) from Jerry's fine pages.

Shadows in the mist - September 28th, 2015

High pressure finally building after a long gloomy summer, leading to chilly clear mornings which started misty. I took this while walking the dog - less than 800 yards away the sun was shining brightly on leaves turning brilliant fall colours, worthy of Vermont!

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[Beautiful autumn - Havant and the South Downs, October 2012]

Such a beautiful use of autumn colours, from my friend ArtistryBySandy

A very nice image by the Lithuanian photographer Olegas Kurasovas, whose other work is well worth exploring

Also available in high-res as desktop wallpaper (click the wallpaper tag for more of those)

First touch of autumn - August 17th, 2015

A chilly start to a beautiful day on our meadow. It was also the first time that I had to use manual focus on my camera, which couldn't “see” this one!

“Emerald Morning”, an oil painting of an “absolutely classic PA barn” on the Granogue Estate, by Stephen White

Gratefully snaffled (as so many others) from the fine pages of Jerzee55sst - thanks again, Jerry!

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["Autumn Frost", a very fine photograph by Alex Ugalnikov]
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“Landscape with House and Ploughman, 1889” by Vincent van Gogh

From The Blessing of Autumn, one of a number of fine posts by Jonie combining inspirational paintings and poetry.

Jonie (if she's the same person, and I'm pretty sure she is) had a fine blog on SU. I can't find posts from her anywhere later than 2012, but this particular blog is a treasure trove. Don't miss it.

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“In Silence” by REgiNA (whose other work is well worth checking out)

Hockley Valley

“Morning on the Farm”

“Jenne Farm”

Beautiful images of autumn (or fall) in Canada, © by Magda Bognar

From the page Fall or autumn: the Canadian dilemma:

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[Autumn and winter images by Anka Zhuravleva]

Havant and the South Downs, October 2012

We stayed at my sister's house for a week at the end of October. The weather was very mixed, often grey and wet, but a whole lot better than what hit the East Coast of the US while we were there! And the autumn leaves were just gorgeous...

Stansted Park, near Havant... a great place to walk, especially at this time of year

Stansted House

Back in Stansted Park a few days later, for tea and a visit to the farm shop... fast-moving rain clouds coming in

Suddenly very threatening indeed... the building on the left is the Vine House, an extension of the Pavilion Tea Room which is out of shot to the left

Half an hour later, the rain is gone...

Shooting fish in a barrel... the wooden fish reflected in rainwater

Fort Nelson, on Portsdown overlooking Portsmouth - a great place to go on a cold rainy day

The Turkish Bombard, a medieval wall-smasher dating from 1464

Looking through the two sections of the Turkish Bombard

Standing at an angle, two sections of the planned 26 sections of the confiscated Iraqi "super-gun", theoretically capable of sending a projectile into low orbit

One of the long tunnels beneath the Fort, which was one of several built to defend Portsmouth against an inland attack from the French (which never came)

In the centre of the fort

Massive defences to the North... the right-hand wall of this dry moat was originally vertical, large mortars were positioned behind the wall to the left. Soldiers stationed below where I am standing would make crossing this a short-lived experience!

View over Portsmouth from Portsdown (cold and wet!)...

Waggoners Wells (near Grayshott, just off the A3 at its highest point) on 29 October (the day that Superstorm Sandy hit the East Coast of the US)

In Grayshott, highly recommended!

A much-photographed scene near the Royal Oak at Havant, a favourite pub

People sitting in front of the pub, watching the tide go out

A chilly, sometimes drizzly walk in Staunton Country Park, on the northern outskirts of Havant

Picturesque dereliction...

Something somewhat Tolkien-ish about the carvings in this playground, and elsewhere

October 31st... My American cousin's pumpkin in the window, looking hopefully outwards for trick-or-treaters who never came (but the pumpkin was great... which reminds me of these great Peanuts cartoons)

Autumn is here again... this happened suddenly to just a few trees near us, a few nights ago (it's been chilly)

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Wonderful photography © by the Russian photographer and artist Anka Zhuravleva

I found Anka here on the beautiful pages of SansMots.

"The Autumn Forest" by Duru, whose other work is well worth checking out

Thanks to Jerzee55sst (Jerry) for this one.

November 2nd - autumn colours on the meadow (it's grey and misty now)

Epping Forest in autumn, a photo I took many moons ago when it was our favourite walking spot.
I was somehow reminded of it when I came across these rather lovely walking sticks carved by the Kansas woodcarver Millard Harrell:

I think that the reason I linked the two must have been a mental picture of Ents, and the choice of Epping Forest as a filming location for Kate Madison's prequel to The Lord of the Rings, "Born of Hope", an astonishingly good amateur movie (released free on the Internet) produced on a budget that would have paid for one day's canteen bill for Peter Jackson's crew.

If you have never heard of it, don't make the mistake of thinking that "amateur" = "naff". See here.

"Forever Autumn" by The Moody Blues, one of my favourite tracks - thanks, Elegantlady (Roberta)

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"Web" by our Stumbler KeithInFrance (whose excellent photography can luckily can still be found here)

Keith has his own blog spot here

I was looking for a picture like this (me feeling autumnal and all) and found it using a feature of Google Image Search that I hadn't noticed before. Using options that appear on the left after your initial selection comes up, you can select the predominant colour you are looking for (in this case brown) and image search will sort pictures with that predominant colour to the front. You can also select a minimum size picture you are looking for, and (if you go into advanced options) the aspect ratio also (in this case 'wide', meaning landscape instead of portrait).

(Bruno Dayan is noted for his sensual fashion photography, used to advertise brands like Louis Vuitton and Yves Saint Laurent.)

Beautiful photography by Pierre Moreau, a Frenchman now living in Belgium. Among other things, he is the press photographer of the European Commission.

Also, don't miss his beautiful colour work which you will find here.

Thanks to my great friend Louvain95 (Lou) for this one. Lou hails from Belgium and has beautiful pages that are well worth visiting.

(Original post: September 15th, 2011)

Autumn arrived early this year! Found on the nice pages of Ayrabella.

"Bridge to the old park" by Eugene Burmakin

This has become one of my very favourite paintings. If it were hanging in a gallery I would probably sit and look at it for 20 minutes!

"Romance d'automne" by Evgenia Karica (elle-cannelle)

(and a poem with that title here)

Found on the always-beautiful pages of my friend chaotiqual.

Autumn in England - November 6th, 2010

6 November... after a very rainy Guy Fawkes night, it's a beautiful morning, sunny and much colder...

... our summer has resulted in a great crop of mushrooms!

Charlottesville, Virginia, October 2010

I had to visit Charlottesville in Virginia for a few days in late October, which was no hardship because it is one of my very favourite towns.

It has been rated as "the best place to live in the USA", and in spite of becoming a victim of its own success as more and more people move in around it, it's still a great place.

Charlottesville is a University town, set in the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains, and was the local big town for "The Waltons" (which was actually filmed in California).

Charlottesville seen from the Monticello Memory Gardens, close to the famous Michie Tavern and Monticello, the estate and resting place of Thomas Jefferson

The heart of Charlottesville (and one of the main reasons for its immense popularity) is its historic Downtown, and in particular the Downtown Mall. You can walk from one end of the Mall to the other in just a few minutes, enjoying the restaurants, bookshops, pavement cafés, street entertainment, theatres and much else besides.

People read here, promenade here, play chess in the Mudhouse Internet café, and just sit here and do nothing but watch the world go by. It's my kind of place!

A fountain in one of the many pavement cafés

A pawn shop, Charlottesville-style!

At the west end of the Mall... the building on the left is the indoor air-conditioned ice rink (which was under threat of closure, but has thankfully reopened as the multi-use Main Street Arena)

At the other end of the Mall is the Charlottesville Pavilion where many events take place. If the Mall was being built today, no doubt JC Penney would be at one end and Sears at the other - and Charlottesville would be nowhere near as popular as it it is.

[Continues in Charlottesville Part 2]

[Continued from Charlottesville Part 1]

The best place to stay while enjoying the historic centre of Charlottesville (IMO) is the 200 South Street Inn. The room rate reflects its location, a few hundred yards from the Downtown Mall, and its well-deserved popularity.

Dating from 1856, it has been in its time a private residence, a girls' finishing school, a brothel (!) and a boarding house. It finally became today's Inn in 1986.

I love the old-style verandahs...

...where you can sit and enjoy the free wine and cheese laid out in the library / breakfast room from 5-7 pm each day

The Inn has many nice touches (and gave me an excuse to try out some HDR photography)

While the decor is in the historical tradition, the hotel is well lit by bulbs of the modern eco-friendly variety. These ceiling spotlights were too bright for the camera to show clearly, even when I decreased the exposure - they are LED spotlights which the owner tells me he bought for $17 from Sam's Club. They cost almost nothing to run and will last so long that the next person to have to climb up and change those bulbs will probably be one of the present owner's grand-children!

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"Black Spruce in Autumn" was inspired by an oil painting by Tom Thomson, an honorary member of the Canadian Group of Seven. The scene is from his travels in the Lake Superior region.

"Stillness of Autumn" was inspired by an oil painting by Lawren Harris, a member of the Canadian Group of Seven. Many of his paintings took the landscape of Lake Superior and the surrounding region for subject matter.

Woodblock prints by Jim Meyer, found on the wonderful pages of Shitao via OliviaB, two great Stumblers.

(When I find out where they moved to, I'll update this!)

"Autumn Nocturne", by the multi-talented photographer and digital artist Ron Jones

Epping Forest - autumn and winter

Some of my photos of Epping Forest in autumn and winter, taken when we used to live near there.

Epping Forest was one of the main filming locations for the Internet-released prequel to The Lord of the Rings, "Born of Hope" (see my next post above).

Located to the north east of London, it's a relatively small remnant of a much larger ancient forest, which somehow makes it seem appropriate as a choice for this movie.

This is from the spiritual blog of a rather wonderful lady called Jonie. She has divided her blog into a number of sections, each with a theme illustrated by beautiful pictures and thoughts. Jonie is obviously deeply Christian, but her blog will strike a chord with many people of other faiths, or none.

Unfortunately, I don't know who created this also rather wonderful image!

"Autumn naibrmort" by cheshenov - I love the colours!

(Original post: October 31st, 2008)

Happy Halloween, y'all!

[More selections from classic Peanuts...]

A very nice autumnal photo by Ashka Latsan
Thanks to my friend expressioniste for this one!

"Submerged leaves" - one of Sandy's own pictures from her recent field trip. Click the picture to see the rest!
Thanks for sharing, Sandy!

Which just reminded me...

[River Man - a haunting autumnal song in 5/4 time by Nick Drake]

(Original post: October 23rd, 2008)

This is Milo, a delightful new addition to our family...

After we lost our previous Cavalier Tessa, my wife finally decided that the place was too quiet without a dog! Milo was 14 months old when we got him - in a way, he is a rescue dog. His first family split up, and returned him to the breeder. He settled in with us perfectly - it must have been very hard for the previous owners to give him up.

Milo in my sister-in-law's garden (in late September), fascinated by the avian goings-on above his head...

Our first Cavalier once accidentally treed a cat, and did a Snoopy-dance under the tree for several minutes, ears flapping, barking vociferously (being totally ignored by the cat, of course). Milo is much calmer, although he is convinced that one day he will find a way to get to grips with those pesky critters endowed with unfair vertical mobility (particularly our black squirrels).

Laugh it up, you guys... I'll work it out one day...

A very long time ago, one of our daughters jokingly tacked a sign to our bedroom door that read:
"We're Only Staying Together Because Of The Dog"...

"Autumn Leaves"

"A Room With A View"

"A Chance Meeting"

Some nice work by Alexei Butirskiy. I like the light effects.

River Man

Betty came by on her way

Said she had a word to say
About things today
And fallen leaves.

Said she hadn't heard the news
Hadn't had the time to choose
A way to lose
But she believes.

Going to see the river man
Going to tell him all I can
About the plan
For lilac time.

If he tells me all he knows
About the way his river flows
And all night shows
In summertime.

Betty said she prayed today
For the sky to blow away
Or maybe stay
She wasn't sure.

For when she thought of summer rain
Calling for her mind again
She lost the pain
And stayed for more.

Going to see the river man
Going to tell him all I can
About the ban
On feeling free.

If he tells me all he knows
About the way his river flows
I don't suppose
It's meant for me.

Oh, how they come and go
Oh, how they come and go.

A haunting, beautiful, autumnal song in 5/4 time by Nick Drake, from the album Five Leaves Left.

Nick died young in 1974; I wish I'd heard his music earlier. More on his story here, and on the song itself here.

The images in the video, I understand, are extracts from a BBC documentary on Nick Drake.