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Animal Buddies

I don't do “Awwwww...” very often, but I couldn't resist this cute and heartwarming collection of animal buddies...

If you like this...

[Wild polar bear's amazingly friendly encounter with sled dogs in Hudson Bay (2008)]

"Rainbow eye", a remarkable photo of a dog's eye by the German artist Skia (she doesn't rate it highly herself, but I disagree!)

"Three Whites" by Hans Kawitzki, whose other work is well worth looking at

I can almost hear my younger daughter muttering "Three Greys" in my ear, but I'm no horse expert and it's a beautiful picture!

(Original post: August 26th, 2010)

A wild-long tailed macaque monkey has adopted an abandoned kitten at Ubud's Monkey Forest in Bali.

There are 6 amazing and heartwarming photos here.

(Originally posted: June 19th 2008)

One of the images of a wild polar bear coming upon his tethered sled dogs in the wilds of Canada's Hudson Bay, taken by Norbert Rosing.

Yes, this is real - click the picture to see the whole amazing set. If this doesn't warm your heart, nothing will!