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“Abstract | Autumn Watercolors” © by lighttrouve (Russell Tomlin)

One of many fine examples of his work, which include some wonderful landscapes and abstract photography.

“Morning Stillness” © by lighttrouve (Russell Tomlin) - one of many fine examples of his work, which include some wonderful landscapes and abstract photography

"Shorelines", one of many beautiful photographs © by our very own Fourteenth, whose art blog is well worth visiting

"Daybreak - The Sea" by our very own Fourteenth

One of many works of fractal, abstract and 3D art by Iwona Fido, a.k.a. Fiery-Fire , whose other work is well worth exploring.

"In a Dream"


Some beautiful macro photography by Katsumi Oyamada

One of many beautiful images created by the Japanese photographer Katsumi Oyamada, whom I was introduced to by Nightsky4520 - thanks, Deb!

"The Texture Of Mushrooms"

"Magic Barge"

From Neon Art by our own Samaryantha (click her name in the tags at the top of this post)

Sunlight and stones create an undulating effect on a Canadian river bottom.

Very nice desktop wallpaper, photographed for National Geographic by Paul Nicklen, whose other work is well worth checking out.

Beautiful portraits and abstract work by the Russian photographer Yana Bondareva, whom I discovered on the fine pages of Parkari

"Images of an unknown land" by Giannis Lasithiotakis

"Landscape" by Anna Grigora

Some great examples of Greek contemporary art - an unexpected bonus from following up Santorini links in a previous post!

If you like this...

[Santorini by Doug Dourgarian]
[Some of my favourite abstract art]

The essence of a hot eastern Mediterranean summer, captured by Doug Dourgarian, who writes:

The technique you see on my art today is the result of years of experimenting and I call it Brush Stroke Photography because of the resemblance to hand painted media. All my camera work is digital and my "darkroom" is my computer. Often I'm asked if I use Adobe's Photoshop and I don't, but I do use about four other software products not nearly as well known but specially geared for my purposes. I hope you like my artwork as much as I enjoy creating it.

I found this picture (which is of Santorini) some time ago on the always-beautiful pages of expressioniste.

Beautiful frost patterns by Marika, from - unfortunately she no longer seems to have a gallery there (I will keep looking)

"Windowscape 2" and "Winter Flora", lovely abstract photos by Basil G, from his collection "Window Dwellers".