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I am an ex- SUer but happily I seem to have found a new home here in Cat.I have met some very interesting new friends here and I look forward to meeting more so please feel free to introduce youself.

It is probably terribly cold, but that doesn’t make this photograph of a beautiful Swedish sunset any less warm.

This is very cool!
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This is a rare meteorological phenomenon called a 'SKYPUNCH'. When people see these, they think it's the end of the world. Ice crystals form above the high-altitude cirro-cumulo-stratus clouds, then fall downward, punching a hole in the cloud cover.

Rainy night on the pier in San Francisco, California

Rainy night on the pier in San Francisco, California

Skyline of San Francisco close up

Painting class in Afghanistan
Afghan youths learning how to paint at the Behzad Art Gallery in Herat.

The Queen continued her Diamond Jubilee tour with a visit to Nottingham, where she watched children at a sports event in Vernon Park. Whatever caught her eye also made the Duchess of Cambridge laugh.

Made me smile I hope it has the same effect on you!

Hello, I'm a musical time machine.

Go back in time to hear how popular music has changed from 1940 to today, as told by the Billboard Top 100.


This is fun !

This is great if a little scary, worth a look.

Photographer Stephen Wilkes creates remarkable images of night and day at once by setting up his camera to take pictures of a single scene over and over for 15 hours. He then blends the images to get this time-defying effect…

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Be happy that you aren't either of these people.

Be uplifted by this inspiring corgi cross stitch.

The Moses Bridge is made to lie nearly flush with the water it bisects. Given its vulnerable exposure to the elements, the paneling which lines the bridge’s floors and walls is constructed of Accoya hardwood, a durable wood hybrid, and treated with a nontoxic, anti-fungal coating. Visitors venture across the marsh-like water in a manner similar to the biblical story to which the bridge’s name alludes–with the walls of the moat straddling their sides, threatening to cave in on top of them. Seen from the horizon, visitors pass right through the water, disappearing into the depths before reemerging moments later on the opposite side, where they scale a steel hill to–of course–a 17th century fort.

My friend Metal-Tiger sent this to me from Night~Skye 4520's blog, both blogs are worth checking out.

Audio slideshow: Giant cosmic eyes of the Atacama Desert

In the dry and empty lands of the Atacama Desert in Chile, several giant telescopes eye the sky to unlock mysteries of the Universe. They are run, solely or in partnership, by the European Southern Observatory (Eso), which this year marks its 50th anniversary. Eso astronomer Joe Liske talks about space and telescopes - and the organisation's plans for the future.

A definite must see!

Remember the figures on Easter Island? How deep do you think they are in the ground? I'm shocked. How did they do that?

I like the title of this photo................take a look see :)

A great way of listening to Beatles music!

Mind Lab

How is our consciousness connected to the world?
Explore the unconscious functions of the brain with visual illusions
and mysterious perceptual phenomena.

Interesting and fun.

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