Édouard Manet, Baudelaire’s Mistress (Portrait of Jeanne Duval) (1862). Museum of Fine Arts (Szépművészeti Múzeum), Budapest. Photo: Csanád Szesztay, © The Museum of Fine Arts Budapest/Scala / Art Resource, NY.

Breakfast, Amalia Lindegren, Nationalmuseum, Sweden, Public Domain Mark

Devi in the Form of Bhadrakali Adored by the Gods, folio from a dispersed Tantric Devi series, ca. 1660–70. Attributed to the Master of the Early Rasamanjari. India, Punjab Hills, kingdom of Basohli. Opaque watercolor, gold, silver, and beetle­wing cases on paper, 7 x 6 5/8 in. (17.8 x 16.7 cm). The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, Promised Gift of Steven Kossak, The Kronos Collections

This powerful image was created in the 1660s at the very beginning of the Pahari miniature painting tradition. Originally, this folio was one of a series of seventy numbered paintings, each of which showed a different form or facet of the great goddess Devi. Bhadrakali was worshipped as a benevolent aspect of the goddess. Created in the small court of Basohli, this painting and the set to which it belongs are among the earliest miniature paintings to survive from the Pahari courts, located in the Punjab Hills at the foot of the Himalayas.
The emblematic early style is bold and intentionally dramatic. Bhadrakali is shown standing against a field of vibrant yellow—a saturated yellow pigment derived from the urine of a cow fed mango leaves. The artist executed her detailed and dramatic figure by building up many layers of paint, making her presence felt in both her piercing gaze and the opulence of her garments.

Ali Ben Ahmed, [...], suivi de son escorte en vue de la ville de Constantine.
Théodore CHASSERIAU (1819 - 1856)
Virgin of Belén (Virgen de Belén) | LACMA Collectio
Peru, Cuzco School, circa 1700-1720

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The 1788 work depicts an Indian ambassador, garbed in resplendent white, who had been sent to France by his country’s ruler to seek the European nation’s support during India’s battle with Britain. Le Brun, a longtime portraitist of Marie Antoinette, became fascinated with these Indian noblemen, though she had to seek Louis XVI’s approval in order to paint their portraits due to the high status of the diplomats.
It was exhibited in 1789 at the Paris salon during a historic time of political pre-revolutionary unrest.
Parmigianino, Virgin and Child With Saint Mary Magdalene and the Infant Saint John the Baptist. Courtesy of the Department for Culture, Media & Sport.

Damien Hirst’s monumental headless demon last seen in his shipwreck show in Venice is due to become Las Vegas’s latest outlandish attraction. The Palms Casino Resort announced it will install the 60-foot-tall sculpture in the hotel’s new pool this spring.
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