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I am a wife/mother/grandmother living in the uk

hope you enjoy my blog

it's a mixture of stuff I like

a big thanks to rumisong for my background he let me use it back in the (SU) day

Love these two...perfect!!

cant wait to see this film with my daughter...
my daughter feeds 9 feral cats every day, they wont come in the house
when you open the door they run away
they just come for food
this is Shadow (they have all been given names)
they have also all been neutered including the Toms
they have a house with blankets inside on the porch
which fits about 4 or 5 they use occasionally...
this is his first snow ♥

my gawjus new phone ♥
my cat Timmy
a courgette plant that appeared from a tiny crack outside my street door...
this is the 3rd flower, I wonder if we will get any courgettes?

just in time for the summer, must get a spare bowl

my latest gadget...
got diagnosed last year and am lucky enough to be under the Royal Brompton Hospital

my latest gadget, still learning and looking for recipes...
cooks great risotto!

I think this is my Fave Bob Dylan song...
memories of my youth and Joni Mitchell...
big fish in the lake at our local park...
found at Marcel808
best series I have watched so far...
what a lovely place!
love this Ed Sheeran version of Steve wonders I Was Made To Love Her

I Was Made To Love Her

I copied it from this show which was great

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