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Hello, and welcome! :)

I'm Matt Siegel, the guy who created Categorian. I live in San Francisco.
I built and run this service as a hobby. I also have a real job that is quite demanding :)

See the help page for information on using Categorian.

There is also a Categorian Facebook Group
with friendly, helpful people. Feel free to join!

Be excellent to each other!

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I added a Firefox add-on for Categorian

If you use Firefox web browser, a new add-on is available on the setup page!

If you use the add-on, you don't need to use the Cat bookmarks :)
I added a font size setting

If you need text to be larger, change font size on the setup page!

This will make all of Cat's own text larger :)

It might make text on other people's blogs larger too (depending on how they coded their fonts).
cross-laminated timber, a new composite construction material

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