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Hello, and welcome! :)

I'm Matt Siegel, the guy who created Categorian. I live in San Francisco.
I built and run this service as a hobby. I also have a real job that is quite demanding :)

See the help page for information on using Categorian.

There is also a Categorian Facebook Group
with friendly, helpful people. Feel free to join!

Be excellent to each other!

testing... testing

i've heard reports of error messages coming up while using Blog It. let's see if i can reproduce the error

(update: hmm, it seems to be working)
Outage Resolved

Hi everyone :)

I'm sorry about the extended outage.

It was due to an SSL security certificate that expired, and the system couldn't get a new one!

I tried to troubleshoot and found nothing... I ended up manually forcing it to renew and then had to fiddle with the server configuration to get everything back online.

The server will probably be running slowly for several hours as it catches up on blog processing.

(test of youtube embedding)
I added a Firefox add-on for Categorian

If you use Firefox web browser, a new add-on is available on the setup page!

If you use the add-on, you don't need to use the Cat bookmarks :)
I added a font size setting

If you need text to be larger, change font size on the setup page!

This will make all of Cat's own text larger :)

It might make text on other people's blogs larger too (depending on how they coded their fonts).
cross-laminated timber, a new composite construction material

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