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I'm interested in seeing some of the most creative & tasteful CATegorian blogs , so if you think I may enjoy your blog or that of a friend, just send the link. I will be thankful and pleased to take a look . My interests cover a wide spectrum , but I try to focus on how we all may help each other understand what is really going on in the world , how we may effect good change , and most important , how we may have some fun in the process . I'm a machinist by trade , my main hobbies are gardening , kayaking , bicycling and travel , mostly by automobile . Feel perfectly free to contact me about anything on your mind . I'll certainly take that same liberty as oft as possible . : ) / Terry

Well , after looking through many of these images , I don't seem to know any of the suspects . : |

Fascinating facts and photos about a tremendous air to ground attack aircraft
Short , video illustrated lecture explaining a few of the factors as to why changes in ocean levels due to climate change vary from place to place .
Quite a good read of history of Easter Island including several good photographs .

(video on linked page)

As seen on Fox & Friends

The "greatest risk" to President Donald Trump's presidency and businesses is not Special Counsel Robert Mueller, but federal prosecutors in New York, according to Alan Dershowitz.

bad day for the firemen , but worse for the tax payers
The Diary Review

A vast, international and unrivaled collection of diary extracts - from around 800 diarists

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"A Love Song for Bobby Long" - a fairly good film set in New Orleans starring John Travolta
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