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Here's the Categorian Beginner's First Aid Kit - Part Five

Photoblogging ? You can do better than that !

Why ? What's wrong with photoblogging ?

There are several things very wrong with photoblogging.

  1. You have no control over what happens with the image. If the page with the photo is taken down for whatever reason, you lose the image and have either a very ugly icon that says the page could not be found or an empty hole in your blog. If you photoblog the background image of your blog you might be surprised some day when the image is gone...

  2. You are stealing bandwidth and some site admins are quite allergic to that. Best case scenario: Instead of your photo you get an image like this:

    But it could also be something like this:

    Not so pretty, is it ?

Here's how to do it right

In order to post a photo in your blog you need the direct link to that photo (same goes for background images !)

So you need a place where you store all your images. I guess the two most popular ones are Photobucket.com and Flickr.com. There are tons of others. Just make sure that you choose one that offers "photo sharing".

Get an account. It's painless and free and done in seconds.

  • Upload the picture to your album.

  • Get the Direct Link !

  • In your blog click "post to blog"

  • Enter the following code:

    <img src="http://..... ">

    Paste that direct link in between those " "

  • Click "Post"

Read the following tutorials to learn how to position that photo, how to set the size and much more.

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