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Here's the Categorian Beginner's First Aid Kit - Part 11


Embed a video

To embed a video in your blog you need the "Embed Code". In YouTube you'll find it here:

Click "Share"

Then click "Embed"

Copy the code in the text box. All of it. Then paste it into your blog post.

Now you can format the blog post as usual, center the video, add comments etc. (Example)

Embed An Audio File

Works exactly the same way. Only sometimes the Embed Code is not so easy to find. As in Grooveshark.

Click "Options" of a song, then click "Share Song" and "Widget"

Then select "Widget" again. Specify size and color and then click
"Copy to Clipboard"

Paste the code into your blog post.

Format and add text or images as usual. (Example)

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