Official Categorian Help Page

Here is basic information on using Categorian.

This page is maintained by msiegel. Questions? Please ask msiegel, that's me :)

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About Categorian

I run this place as a hobby rather than a business venture... started because I really enjoyed visiting SU back when it was simple and clean looking -- and then they changed it!


Instead of installing a toolbar to operate Categorian, there's a set of individual bookmarks. Get them from your Setup page.

Categorian's bookmarks automatically log you in to your account and handle sending pages to other users, or adding them to your blog as new posts.

The bookmarks are as secure as a password, so don't send them or give them to anyone.

Be sure to at least get the Home bookmark. This will save you from having to remember your password every time :)

Installation 2: Where do I put the bookmarks?

Most web browsers have a strip running across the entire window, *below* where you type website names, to hold your most frequently used bookmarks. You may see a few titles of websites already in that strip. If you can find that strip, try dragging Categorian's Home bookmark in there and see if it works :)

On Firefox, it's called the 'Bookmarks Toolbar', and it's a good idea to create one folder there near the center, and call it Categorian, or 'Cat', and drag all the bookmarklets from your setup page into it, except for the 'Check Queue' bookmarklet. Put that right next to the Cat folder, for handy access. This would be like your SU button for checking incoming Shares from friends. The number of sends in the queue would show in your highlighted 'Queue' link at the top of your Categorian page.

Tips on Getting Started and Decorating
karenak's Categorian Beginner's First Aid Kit
wickedsunny1's html examples
visit AirToob to see Brian's meticulous blogging, and more links to html resources

Also, I like to go to Recently Active and see who's around. It's a great way to find your SU friends, and see who the "regulars" are.

But... It's So Blank in Here!
Yes! It's a nice clean slate :D
You can put in practically anything you want in here. It's raw html. Check out Recent Additions and visit those people's blogs for ideas on decoration and what to post. Note: that link only works when you're logged in!

Your Banner is important; so important that it stays right at the top of your blog. You can use your Banner to introduce yourself, set the mood, or link to other sites you're on. Whatever you like. You can even change it daily if you have something on your mind.

Click the photoblog bookmark to choose from among all the images on a page (including images on flickr). The image you picked, and a link to the page it's from, are added to your blog as a new post.

Where's My Inbox
Your Queue handles all incoming messages and shared pages. A number next to the Queue tells how many "unread" messages are waiting for you.

Your "Check queue" bookmark pulls up the next incoming message or shared page. The Queue page itself lists all incoming messages.

What were we talking about?
In your Queue, you can click a person's name to see past dialogue.

It's possible to review ALL the messages you've sent to and received from a particular Categorian user by going into your Queue and clicking on the name of the user whose messages you want to review (at upper left, right by 'from'…). You'll then be presented with a dated list of all the messages you've SENT to and received from that user (unless you've deleted any, of course).

Thumbs-Up and Thumbs-Down
There's no thumbs-up and no thumbs-down! If you see something you like, Blog It and tag it. Then other people can see it in your blog and find it in the Library. Or feel free to Send It to a friend :)

Page Layout
Much of the layout is done with css, in the Style area. It's all manual right now; no automated tools. If you're familiar with css and html, that will help a lot.

Changing the Background Color
To set the background color of your home page, go to your Style page and look for the line that starts with body. On that line, find background-color:SOMETHING

SOMETHING usually starts out as white

Then, there are a couple of links toward the bottom of the page that lead to color names and numbers, to replace the SOMETHING with something you like better ;)

If you use special fonts that are installed on your own computer, other people might not see them -- because they might have different fonts installed than you do. They'll still see your text, but it might look plainer or in a different style than you intended.

My Text/Links Disappeared
If you accidentally changed the text (or link) color to be the same as the background color, the text may have become invisible. To peek at the text (or links), try using the Select All menu-command and see if the text shows up temporarily.

What are those Extra Posts at the bottom on my blog?
Those are an rss feed of posts from StumbleUpon. Feel free to turn them off using the "show extra RSS Feed" checkbox on the Setup page.

Posting YouTube Videos
YouTube videos can be posted (embedded) in your blog: make a new post, and then copy and paste the embed code from YouTube video page, into the post.

Multiple Accounts with One Browser

Q: my wife wishes to join to use as a poetry blog but how do we get both accounts in just one firefox bookmarks menu. Is there a way around this.

A: you *can* take more than one set of bookmarks, and rename them so you know whose are whose.

Importing From SU
Once SU has an export feature in place, you'll be able to take your exported file and upload it here; your saved SU posts will be merged into your blog here.

When the time comes, be sure to save/export your SU blog. Keep all your hard work!

Friends vs Subscribers
When you're looking at a person's blog, the "add as a friend" link puts that person on your Friends list. They'll see you in their Subscribers list, and they can choose to come to your blog and maybe add you as one of their friends.

From the opposite perspective: if a person adds you as a friend, but you haven't added them, they'll be listed as one of your Subscribers. So it's good idea to check your Subscribers now and then, to see if there's someone new you want to add as a friend.

On your Friends page, the bold people have posted new content since the last time your visited them.

Removing a Friend
On your Friends page, click the friend's username and you'll go to their blog. Then click the link "remove from friends" under their username. They might still show up as one of your Subscribers afterward... but that just means they still like you.

Contacts are messages from people who aren't on your friends list. Click the names to view the messages.

Now What?
I always like to check out the Recent Additions page of the Library. It shows who is posting what, and lets me discover some of the newer and more prolific folks.

Setup - what does it all mean?

"when adding to blog, automatically edit review"
If you check this checkbox, then when you use the Blog It bookmark to post something, the edit page comes up so you can write a review or add tags.

"when visiting a blog, let the author know who visited"
If you don't check this checkbox, then people you visit will see anonymous member instead of your username.

Nudes, Porn, Violence, etc
As a courtesy to your fellow users, please tag posts you think might be objectionable (e.g., nude). In the future this will help everyone find/avoid what you've posted. Thank you!

If you're going to make a donation, please fill in your email address in your Security page, so I can match your donation to your user account :)

Q and A

Q: What is the limit, if any, on the number of characters in a post?
A: It's about 50,000 characters, or around 20 pages of a novel.

Q: How many tags can you add to a particular post?
A: About 200 characters worth, so I'd say less than 20.

Q. Can you add tags to a post that isn't related to a web site?
A: Yes! :)

Q. If I edit an existing post will it change its date or change its position in my blog?
A. No. But you can move it to the top of your blog using "Bump".

Q. Can I create more than one review for the same site (same URL)?
A. Yes - just use "Blog It" or "Photoblog" again and you will create a new review.

Q. Can an individual post be linked-to from outside Categorian, even if the person following the link isn't a Categorian subscriber?
A. Yes. click the date/time to get a permalink. This can be used anywhere inside or outside Categorian. Also, if you click a tag such as 'landscape' at the top of a post, this will bring up all your posts with that tag. The URL that appears in the browser's location bar can also be used anywhere inside or outside Categorian as a link to all your posts with that tag.

Q. Are blogs searchable from Google and other search engines?
A. Yes. Blogs are open for indexing, and we get a lot of indexing activity (visits) from Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Baidu. It helps if you tag your posts.

Q. How Does the Library Work?
AirToob presents a detailed description.

Individual Features
in no particular order...

Bump is a funny little feature - it just moves a post to the top of your blog. I sometimes need to bring an old post back up top, so that's all bump does :)

"Local" Tags
If you want to have your own "local" tags that DON'T go into the Library.... then just write them with a * at the beginning. For example, if you're posting things about a marathon you're running, you could tag them with:


Easy! And those tags won't go into the Library :)
fix for photoblog

go to your Setup page and get a new Photoblog bookmark! :)

Detailed instructions on importing your SU pages into Categorian.

You've first got to make sure you have the .wxr file that you downloaded from SU to make the WordPress import; if you no longer have it, or if you got it before Oct 5, or never did get it, you need to get it HERE (follow the first three instructions on the page).

Save it so that you know where it is. Then login to Categorian and go to the bottom of your 'setup' page and click on the link there:

"import su blog

The page that appears is the Importer. Browse for and upload that .wxr file you saved from SU and then execute the Import (the username and security code there may be ignored). Wait for the Import to upload to your Cat page--this can take a while, and you can do anything you want in the meantime; go to your Cat blog, surf, eat an orange, whatever.

You'll then get two messages from the Categorian system: that the upload is in progress and how many posts it's handling, and then another to notify you when the upload is successfully finished.

Your SU pages will be placed before your existing Categorian pages by date, just as they were on your original SU page. You can edit any post, and you may want to make some minor adjustments here and there; add some page breaks, center some items and videos, etc, but it should be a very close approximation of your SU pages.

[thanks to edosan for the writeup :]